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The Lion Halfbody (ライオンパスハーフボディ Raion Hāfubodi) is a biotic A-Side Halfbody of Kamen Rider Build. Accessed through the Lion Fullbottle, its Best Match is the Soujiki Halfbody.

In any form that uses the Lion Fullbottle, Build is armed with the Gold Lio Gauntlet (ゴルドライオガントレット Gorudo Raio Gantoretto) on his right arm that lets him shoot bursts of yellow energy or punching enemies with a strong fist attack.


  • Gold Lio Gauntlet: Right arm. It can either fire gold energy shockwaves or be used to punch enemies.
  • Retractable claws on finger and toe tips.
  • Gold Lio Shoulder: the shoulder armor. The tail can not only wobble to express the emotions of the wearer but also be pulled out and used like a whip.
  • Can expand its"mane" to surprise enemies.
  • Boosted strength and reflexes.
  • Cannot be damaged by most physical attacks.
  • Increased sense of smell.



Lion Fullbottle

Vortex Finish

Behind the scenes

The Lion Halfbody was released as part of the 3rd set of SO-DO Kamen Rider Build.


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