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LionThunder (ライオンサンダー Raionsandā, 15): A lion Dogma monster. He was originally professor Tadashi Kobari (小針 正 Kobari Tadashi), a candidate for a Nobel Laureate in Japan and former university friend of Oki Kazuya's.


Apart from being a genius he was interested in martial arts, setting up a small dojo. However, he grew embittered hatred for his former friend because Kazuya once bested him in a duel. Megaru Shogun tempts him to join Dogma to defeat Kazuya, and he is cybernetically reconstructed. After beating Kazuya, he is tasked to assassinate Professor Cotten, a potential threat to Dogma and Komori's rival candidate who the judges already decided would receive the reward. In complete jealousy, he complies to execute this plan and sends warnings to his victim and Kazuya to try and stop him. Even with police surrounding the perimeter, he hypnotizes civilians and have them hold mirrors to deflect his laser. He destroys a dummy however. His Rainbow Beam gem is jammed by the Radar Hand Missile and he is set on fire by the Hot/Cold Hand Flamethrower. He is then finally destroyed by Super-1's Super Rider Spark Kick after which Kazuya mourns his death.


He can turn his gloved hands to claws at freewill "Raikou Hasami Tsume" as well as create a pair of cutlasses from his fangs "Dengeki Ken". His trumpcard power however is the blue gem on his forehead that fires the "Niji G Kousen". The laser has 5 different settings. The first four render hypnosis with each increasing number increasing the time the victim remains under his hypnotic command. The fifth setting enables the laser to melt through gas and cause explosions.

Behind the scenes


LionThunder was voiced by Tetsuya Kaji and portrayed by an unidentified suit actor. His human form was portrayed by Fujio Miyagawa.

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