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Kuuga Riku Henshin

Riku, the Linto warrior and original Kuuga.

The Linto (リント Rinto) were a tribe of humans who lived in the early era of civilization, they are the ancestors of modern day humans. They used the Ancient Hieroglyphics. They were attacked by a tribe known as the Gurongi, who transformed into monstrous beings after finding a magical stone from the heavens and used it to wage war on the other tribes. Being a peaceful tribe, the Linto never had a need for warriors. In fear of their tribe being eradicated by the Gurongi, the village shamans sought the help of the Lords, who helped them by selecting Riku to become their tribe's defender, Kuuga. Although the Linto's champion defeated the Gurongi, having sealed all 200 of them away, the Linto's lives were changed. Humans became as aggressive as the Gurongi and sought things to satisfy their desires.

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