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Lily Shirogane (リリィ白銀 Riryi Shirogane) is the former Invisible Gaia Memory user.

Character History

She is a popular magician trying to follow in her grandfather Frank's footsteps. To emulate his most famous trick, the disappearing lady, Lily is given the Invisible Memory by Dr. Isaka, turning her into the Invisible Dopant. However, Isaka has modified the Invisible Memory such that she does not turn into a monstrous Dopant and making it impossible to remove from her body. She initially goes to the Narumi Detective Agency for help in finding the man who gave it to her under the pretense that she wishes to have it removed, but instead she wants to be able to control the invisibility. Isaka agrees, stabilizing the Gaia Memory, only because he knows it will eventually kill her and he will be able to take it from her after she dies, giving him the power of invisibility without the Dopant transformation. However, by killing her and using his Engine Blade as a defibrillator to quickly revive her, Kamen Rider Accel removes the Invisible Memory and crushes it.

Some time later, it is revealed Lily is helping her grandfather at his coffee shop by being a waitress.Kamen Rider W Returns: Kamen Rider Accel

Futo Detective

While on a case, Shotaro and his client Chuuta talk over coffee at the Shirogane coffee house. When Lily overhears the subject of Gaia Memories come up, she jokingly describes it to Chuuta as "a magic box that contains great power that is sold in secret". This results in her grandfather Frank gently hitting her over the head with a serving tray as he doesn't think that was funny at all as he almost lost her in the Invisible Memory incident.

Dopant Form

Invisible Dopant

Invisible Dopant

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As Invisible Dopant (インビジブル・ドーパント Inbijiburu Dōpanto), she gained the power of invisibility without the Dopant transformation by using an Invisible Gaia Memory that was modified by Shinkuro Isaka.


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