This article is about a/an half form in Kamen Rider Build.

The Light Halfbody (ライトハーフボディ Raito Hāfubodi) is an abiotic B-Side Halfbody of Kamen Rider Build. Accessed through the Light Fullbottle, its Best Match is the Octopus Halfbody.

In any form that uses the Light Fullbottle, Build is armed with the Shade Breaker (シェードブレイカーム Shēdo Bureikā) and the BLD Light Bulb Shoulder (BLD ライトバルブショルダー BLD Raito Barubu Shorudā), which can both be used to blind opponents, or in unison to create lightning in order to attack opponents.


  • Shade Breaker: It can be used to blind opponents.
  • BLD Light Bulb Shoulder: the Right shoulder. It can be used to blind opponents or in unison with the Shade Breaker for lightning-based attacks.
  • EMP generator can be used to damage enemy systems.
  • Can generate electricity and then channel it through the hands and feet.
  • Fullbottle ingredients can be used to either make the spotlight on the right arm damaging or turn it into a laser beam.
  • Capable of increasing attack speed by electrically stimulating the muscles.
  • Can emit a thunder-like sound.
  • Right Eye Lightbulb: The right eye. It can emit a searchlight.
  • Right Flash Leg: The right shoe. it can emit a light allowing Build to walk safely in the dark.



KRBu-Light Fullbottle

Light Fullbottle

Vortex Finish


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