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"What's coming up!?"
―Transformation standby announcement[src]

"Liberal Up! Ah! Going my way! Kamen Rider! Ja! Ja! Ja! Jeanne!
(リベラル アップ! Ah! Going my way! 仮面ライダー!ジャジャジャ!ジャンヌ!, Riberaru Appu! Ah! Going my way! Kamen Raidā Ja! Ja! Ja! Jan'nu!)
―Transformation announcement with the Cobra Vistamp[src]

"Restyle! (リスタイル!, Risutairu!)"
―Lovekov Genome Change activation announcement[src]

"Weapon Ponpon! Ponpon! (ウエポンポンポーン!ポンポン!, Uepon Ponpōn! Ponpon!)"
―Lovekov Genome Change standby announcement[src]

"Rebuddy Up! Ah! (Vistamp name)! Dadadadan!
(リバディアップ! Ah! ◯◯!ダダダダーン!)
―Lovekov Genome Change announcement[src]

"(Vistamp name) Stamping Smash! (◯◯スタンピングスマッシュ!)"
―Standard finisher announcement[src]

"Hissatsu Shonin! (必殺承認, lit. Deadly Approval!)"
―Second finisher actvation announcement[src]

"Hissatsu! (必殺, lit. Certain Kill!)"
―Second finisher standby announcement[src]

"(Vistamp name) Liberal Smash! (◯◯リベラルスマッシュ!)"
―Second finisher announcement[src]

The Transformation Belt Libera Driver[1] (変身ベルト リベラドライバー, Henshin Beruto Ribera Doraibā) is the transformation device used by Kamen Rider Jeanne.


The Libera Driver was previously developed by George Karizaki with mass production in mind, but it was left unfinished and its development was improperly disposed of. It was then recovered and completed by an uknown person, who sent it to Sakura. Instead of changing the Rider's Genome, it enables a Rebuddy Up that fuses the buddy demon with the ability of the Vistamp and transforms it into a weapon in order to reduce the burden on the user. By operating the cooperation with the devil in a completely different system, the system itself was made lighter and even sharing between users could be realized, and it was a very good system for mass production.[2]


The Libera Driver is composed of the following parts:

  • Vistamp Slot (バイスタンプスロット, Baisutanpu Surotto): The slot for loading Vistamps. The Vistamp is stamped on the stamp-type information input device Ohinjector (オーインジェクター, Ōinjekutā) as it is set and commands are input by the roll function. As a result, the Liberal Up that materializes the demon is started through the Genome approval sequence. After the transformation, it will be the starting point of various attacks such as the activation of a special move and the activation of the Rebuddy Up that transforms the buddy into an armament.
  • Ohinjector (オーインジェクター, Ōinjekutā): The imprint-type information input device. It receives the power of various species of organisms by stamping the special information transmission code of the Vistamp, known as the Vistamp Code (バイスタンプコード, Baisutanpu Kōdo).
  • Tail Grip (テールグリップ, Tēru Gurippu): The grip. The operation is stabilized by grasping it with the right hand when operating theVistamp Slot.
  • Genome Reflector (ゲノムリフレクター, Genomu Rifurekutā): The built-in power source. High-purity energy, which is the source of life, is extracted from the genetic information stored in the Vistamp, and Global Genome Power (グローバルゲノムパワー, Gurōbaru Genomu Pawā) is generated by radiation amplification. It has been confirmed that this is less burdensome to users during operation than the conventional Genome Power (ゲノムパワー, Genomu Pawā), and is expected to be one of the factors that widen the range of qualified people.
  • Reflector Opener (リフレクターオープナー, Rifurekutā Ōpunā): The approval device. By stamping on the Ohinjector imprint-type information input device, the Vistamp approval sequence is executed. If the seal is approved, the Genome Reflector is released. At the same time, it forms a special field around the user and has the role of preventing the transformation from being hindered.
  • Maiden Bind (メイデンバインド, Meiden Baindo): The belt. It is deployed at the time as setting the Driver and fixes to the waist of the user. The wireless connection device Buddy Link (バディリンク, Badi Rinku) is installed in the center of the rear, and it has the function of transmitting the ability of the Vistamp to the buddy demon.
  • Vistamp Holder (バイスタンプホルダー, Baisutanpu Horudā): A holder for carrying Vistamps. It is placed on the left side of the Libera Driver and a Vistamp can be set in it.



When the user presses the Activation Knock on the Vistamp, the Reflector Opener releases a square barrier of girders to prevent interference. Once the Vistamp is inserted into the Driver and the buckle is rotated 90 degrees to the user's left, an energy construct of a cobra appears from the Genome Reflector and flies around the user, creating an empty Vistamp projection. The projection fills with liquid energy, forming the base of the suit, while a orange cobra slithers around the user's body, forming the orange accents of the suits as it goes before attaching to the head as the faceplate.


Main article: Finisher (Revice)

To initiate a standard Stamping Smash (スタンピングスマッシュ, Sutanpingu Sumasshu) finisher, Jeanne simply rotates the belt back up to its original position before lowering it again.

To initiate a Liberal Smash (リベラルスマッシュ, Riberaru Sumasshu) finisher, Jeanne raises the belt, presses the Activation Knock on the Vistamp, and then lowers again.

Users (chronological order)

User Kamen Rider Episode Obtained Description
Sakura Igarashi Kamen Rider Jeanne Invincible Sakura, Power for What Purpose Sakura received the Libera Driver with the Cobra Vistamp in a package from an unknown sender.

Behind the Scenes


The Libera Driver is voiced by Shingo Fujimori (藤森 慎吾, Fujimori Shingo) with additional voicing provided by an unknown voice actress.


  • The Driver bears a striking resemblance to the Revice Driver, albeit with some of its functionality not present. This is possibly due to it being the forerunner and a plausible prototype of the latter.




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