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Level 4 (レベル4 Reberu Fō), often abbreviated as LV4, is a type of uncommon fighter form of the Ex-Aid Riders, which is accessed through the use of a special Level 4 Rider Gashat at the same time as their normal Gashat, summoning a Support Robot known as a Gamer and combining with it. Despite not usually looking greatly different from Level 3, Level 4 forms are far superior in base stats.

Level 4 can be accessed by a Level 2 Rider activating the second Gashat, closing the Gamer Driver's cover (as a second Gashat is active, Level 1 is not retaken), inserting the Gashat, and then opening the cover again. The same can presumably also happen directly from Level 1 by inserting the second Gashat while the Driver cover is still closed, or from Levels 3 or 5 by removing that Level's Gashat and replacing it after closing the cover.


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  • Whenever a Rider transforms into Level 4, they all have their own unique phrase, usually "leveled up" versions of their Level 2 phrases:
    • Ex-Aid (Emu Hojo): Great Great Great Great Transformation (大・大・大・大変身 Dai Dai Dai Dai Henshin)
    • Brave (Hiiro Kagami): Skill Level 4 (術式レベル4 Jitsu-shiki Reberu Fō)
  • Interestingly, the Level 4 forms debut out of their numerical order, having only appearing sometime after the debuts of Level 5, Level X, Level XX, and Level 50. Also, the Level 4 forms seem to be making non-regular/exclusive appearances in the series. This can somewhat be compared to side story quests or missions in video games, some of which enable the player to attain bonus items exclusive to those stages.
  • Like Level X, Level 4 forms are inconsistent in their designs, though to a lesser degree: Ex-Aid's Burger Action Gamer is reminiscent of a Level 3 form, with a Gamer attaching onto him for extra armor (and in fact changes him less than most Level 3 forms), but Brave's Safari Quest Gamer is, aside from the head, a reskin of the Level 5 Hunter Gamer Full Dragon form, providing multiple pieces of armor and weapons to the Rider and covering them up more than other upgrade forms.


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