This article is about a/an set of alternate forms in Kamen Rider Ex-Aid.

Level 3 (レベル3 Reberu Surī), often abbreviated as LV3, is the enhanced fighter form of the Ex-Aid Riders, which is accessed through the use of a second Rider Gashat at the same time as their normal Gashat, summoning a Support Robot known as a Gamer and combining with it. Despite not usually looking greatly different from Level 2, Level 3 forms are far superior in base stats.

Level 3 can be accessed by a Level 2 Rider activating the second Gashat, closing the Gamer Driver's cover (as a second Gashat is active, Level 1 is not retaken), inserting the Gashat, and then opening the cover again. It is also shown that Level 3 can be taken directly from Level 1 or an untransformed state by inserting the second Gashat before first opening the Driver cover.

Some Bugsters can also level up to achieve a Level 3 form.


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Unused Sounds

Level 3 transformation phrases have been programmed into the DX Rider Gashats which grant Level 2 forms on-screen. However, they have no confirmation regarding their presence in the show.


  • Whenever a Rider transforms into Level 3, they all have their own unique phrase, usually "leveled up" versions of their Level 2 phrases:
    • Ex-Aid (Emu Hojo): Great Great Great Transformation (大・大・大変身 Dai Dai Dai Henshin)
    • Brave (Hiiro Kagami): Skill Level 3 (術式レベル3 Jitsu-shiki Reberu Surī)
    • Snipe (Taiga Hanaya): Tactics No.3 (第三戦術 Daisan Senjutsu)
    • Lazer (Kiriya Kujo): 3rd Gear! (三速 San-soku)
    • Genm (Kuroto Dan): Grade 3 (グレード3 Gurēdo Surī)
  • Level 3 is slightly similar to the Jimber Arms from Kamen Rider Gaim where the user uses two of their Rider Collectibles to transform.
  • In keeping with the retro video game motif, Level 3 uses two game cartridges in tandem to unlock "new content". An example of this in real life would be Sega's Lock On technology, which was famously used for the video game Sonic & Knuckles.
    • The fact that it summons Support Robots to power the Riders up further could be a reference to Nintendo's R.O.B., a peripheral toy robot that could operate with certain games that helped the player.


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