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Icon-exaid.png This article is about a set of alternate forms in Kamen Rider Ex-Aid.

"Gashat! Let's Game! Metcha Game! Mutcha Game! What's your name?! I'm a Kamen Rider!"
―Transformation announcement[src]

"Gashat! Let's Ride! Metcha Ride! Mutcha Ride! What's your Ride?! I'm a Legend Rider!"
―Transformation announcement (Legend Rider variant)[src]

"Gashat! Enter the Game! Ri-Riding the End!"
―Transformation announcement (Kamen Rider Chronicle)[src]

―Transformation announcement from Level 2[src]

Level 1 (レベル1, Reberu Wan), often abbreviated as LV1, is the super deformed default form of the Ex-Aid Riders, which is activated by inserting their personal Rider Gashat into the Gamer Driver. This form is used to battle a Bugster-infected human (specifically Bugster Unions) and is the only way to separate the monster from the host. When becoming Level 2, a Rider's Level 1 faceplate becomes their back armor. Riders can revert to Level 1 by pushing the lever on the Gamer Driver back into its default position, which reforms and re-assembles the Level 1 armor back onto the Rider; however, this doesn't happen if another Gashat has been activated, letting the Rider use it to take a higher Level.


  • Kamen Rider Brave
    • Taddle Quest (Ex-Aid Episodes 2-4, "Tricks": Virtual Operations (Brave), Ex-Aid 5-7, 9, 10, Heisei Generations, "Tricks": Kamen Rider Genm (Legend Gamer Stage), Ex-Aid 11, 13, 15, 16, 44)

  • Kamen Rider Snipe
    • Bang Bang Shooting (Ex-Aid Episode 3, "Tricks": Virtual Operations (Snipe), Ex-Aid 4, 5, 8, 10, Heisei Generations, "Tricks": Kamen Rider Genm (Legend Gamer Stage), Ex-Aid 11, 15, 16, 18, 44)
    • Proto Bang Bang Shooting ("Tricks": Kamen Rider Snipe: Episode Zero Episode 2, Ex-Aid Episode 6 (flashback))



  • In being standard pre-forms for all Riders of a series that are bulky and less agile than the slimmer "main" forms they become, they are similar to Masked Forms from Kamen Rider Kabuto.
    • Like the Zecter's Put On function, pushing the lever on the belt that triggers the main form back into its default position will revert the Rider.
  • The faceplates of Level 1 forms are attached directly onto the torso armor, meaning that the user is physically incapable of looking in a direction unless they turn their entire bodies to face it.
  • Uniquely among single-identity Riders, Level 1 forms have different suit actors than the same Rider's Level 2 form.
  • The Ex-Aid Level 1 designs may be a reference to the Metal Hero show Kabutack. Both are bulky and both share chibi forms that upgrade to superior forms (Level 2 and Ready Form respectively).
  • Level 1 forms are shown capable of performing Critical Strikes by moving the Gashat to the Kimewaza Slot Holder; how the equipment knows to distinguish this removal from removal to cancel a transformation is unclear, as cancelling normally happens sooner than a Gashat could be transferred. A similar issue exists with the onscreen portrayal of Ex-Aid's Level X/XX forms versus the toy release.



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