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Leilani Yoshika Gaja (我謝 美佳 レイラニ Gaja Yoshika Reirani, born February 12, 1985) is a Japanese model and actress from Tokyo. Her stage name in Japan is Yoshika Katou (加藤 美佳 Katō Yoshika), and is used in nearly all of her appearances in drama and film. Her father is half-Chinese, half-Japanese and her mother is half-Hawaiian, half-Japanese, lending to her legal name Leilani, and making her half-Japanese. Her first major role was as Yuka Osada, the Crane Orphnoch, in Kamen Rider 555.

Character Song

  • [2003.12.10] Pray for You (Yuka Osada): Kamen Rider 555

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