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Legeiel (レジエル, Rejieru)[1] is one of the three Megid generals alongside Zooous and Storious. After being defeated by Saber, he allows Storious to enhance the Legeiel Alter Ride Book to transform into Legeiel Forbidden (レジエル・フォビドゥン, Rejieru Fobidun).[2]


Early Life

Legeiel smiling with his companions upon arriving in the Wonder World.

Two thousand years ago, Legeiel was part of a group of five travelers alongside Victor, Storious, Zooous, and the man who would become the first Master Logos who sought out Wonder World in the hopes that its power could be used to give humanity a better life. They eventually found a mysterious woman from the Wonder World with the power to link the worlds and became her followers, becoming the first humans to set foot in the Wonder World after she enabled them to pass over. There, the five bore witness to the source of the Wonder World's power, the Almighty Book.

While Victor and Master Logos continue to pursue to use the vast array of knowledge to give humanity a better life, Legeiel and Zooous were tempted by Storious to take the Almighty Book's power and use it to enrich themselves. The three of them each tore a page from the book, embedding the pages into themselves to become the very first Megid. The Megid would soon use the pages they had collected to create the Alter Ride Books and use them to build a vast army to fight against the Sword of Logos.

Legeiel was one of the Megid present at the War of Wonder World that occurred 15 years prior, when the traitorous Hayato Fukamiya attempted to seize the Almighty Book from the Sword of Logos, only for him to be seemingly killed by his comrade, Daichi Kamijo. To honor Hayato's request in protecting the world, Daichi would then take up the Ankokuken Kurayami to become the next Calibur and sided with the Megid.

Reemergence in Present Day

In present day, Legeiel was given Gansekiou Golem Alter Ride Book by Kamen Rider Calibur and sent out to "make a new world emerge". Eager to get started, Legeiel headed to a city and summoned the Golem Megid out of the Alter Ride Book. With its powers, Legeiel had it trap a portion of the city using the Blank Wonder Ride Book that it summoned. However, they quickly faced an obstacle in the form of the new Kamen Rider Saber. After a battle between the Megid and the Rider, the Golem Megid was destroyed by Saber.

Eventually, Legeiel and the other Megid generals put their plan into motion with help from the now-unmasked Calibur. They created giant books at six points in the city that formed a ring and used them to create a portal connecting Earth to the Wonder World, summoning the book that contained the Almighty Book. While Calibur flew inside the portal to obtain the page, the three generals assumed their Megid forms to hold off the Kamen Riders of the Sword of Logos. However, they were unable to stop Saber from entering the portal after Calibur. Ultimately, Saber would thwart Calibur's attempt to obtain the Almighty Book and Calibur died after being stabbed through the back by the rogue Desast.

Rivalry Against The Flame Swordsman

While the Megid's goal to seize the Almighty Book failed with Kamen Rider Calibur's defeat, Storious revealed numerous humans who were linked who could be used to create more Megid. Legeiel took advantage of this by transforming Yuki Shirai into the Yeti Megid.

When Storious stole a forbidden book in the Southern Base, Touma followed after him and was taken outside. Legeiel arrived to challenge the Flame Swordsman, and fought alongside Storious to overpower him together. However the book that Storious took abruptly bonded with Saber, which pushed him away before it possessed Touma and transformed into Saber Primitive Dragon, which caused the novelist to lose control. Due to this sudden turn of events, Saber easily fought off the two Megid generals. While Storious advised him to retreat, Legeiel refused to listen and continued his attack only to be blasted everyone away with Primitive Dragon's finisher.

Furious over his losing streak by Touma, Legeiel allowed Storious to enhance his Alter Ride Book using a forbidden technique, which adds a new, yet forbidden chapter to the book. When Storious warned him that he won't be able to return to his normal state from that point onwards, Legeiel only smiled maliciously as he accessed the new chapter and gained a powerful upgrade known as Legeiel Forbidden.

With his new powers, Legeiel went on a rampage in order to lure Saber out so he could fight him and prove his superiority. Since Touma was busy mastering the power of Primitive Dragon, Buster held off Legeiel for the time being. As Legeiel fought off Buster, Touma entered the field and became Saber Primitive Dragon to fight him, but was still unable to reign in the forbidden Wonder Ride Book's power. Legeiel exploited Saber's sudden vulnerability to land a killing blow on his rival, only for him to be suddenly blocked by Blades. As the Kamen Riders held off Legeiel untransformed, Touma was able to gain control over Primitive Dragon thanks to unlocking the power of Elemental Dragon and use it against Legeiel.


Legeiel's spirit smiling in his final moments.

Upon seeing Touma as Saber Primitive Elemental Dragon, the enraged Legeiel questioned how a human could attain such power, to which Touma responded by asking him why he was surprised, since he was once a human like him. Legeiel thought back to when he first entered the Wonder World with Storious, Zooous, the original Master Logos, and Victor, only for him to furiously deny the truth and insist that he was always a Megid, a chosen one, before wildly attacking Saber. The Flame Swordsman would then use Elemental Dragon's finisher at the spasming Legeiel to free him from his pain as a side effect of his Forbidden form, thanks to Yuri's word of advice. Being finally freed from the cursed suffering he had to endure for over 2,000 years, Legeiel's spirit smiles for one last time as his body exploded, ending him for good.


Like Storious and Zooous, Legeiel appears to have at one point been a good-hearted person committed to bringing about a better standard of living for his fellow man. His good intentions stayed with him when he and the rest of Victor's party entered the Wonder World, but after glimpsing of the Great Book, Legeiel became corrupted by his desire to obtain it and teamed up with Storious and Zooous to steal it for their own selfish purposes, with the three using the pages they tore from it to become the original Megid.

As a Megid, Legeiel is very proactive and strategically minded. He has no compunction about entering battles himself and often does so frequently, while at the same time plotting his movements and coming up with plans to defeat his enemies. He acts quite arrogant towards humans, seeing himself and his fellow Megid as superior beings to them despite Legeiel himself being originally a human, something he vehemently refuses to admit. In terms of his relationship with his fellow Megid leaders, while the three are working towards the same goal, they generally remain distant from each other, often exchanging snide remarks whenever one of their plans is thwarted by the Riders, with Storious being his main target of mocking. He is a more skilled planner than Zooous, but less so than Storious, and his strategies can sometimes be compounded if he is provoked into fury. While he normally acts composed, his sense of rationality and coolness is often marred by his rage over individual defeats that he suffers. After being beaten by Touma as Saber Primitive Dragon, Legeiel's judgement became more and more clouded by his desire to exact revenge on Touma, eventually leading him to undergo a dangerous and fatal upgrade just to become stronger.

Powers and Abilities


  • Longevity: Due to becoming Megid after taking a fraction of the Great Book's power, Legeiel was able to live more than 2,000 years.


  • Expert Combatant: Legeiel was able to fight multiple skilled swordsmen, such as Yuri and Ryo, with ease in his forbidden form.





  • Height: 216.8 cm
  • Weight: 114.3 kg


  • Alter Ride Books
  • Bolhessed (ボルヘスド, Boruhesudo): Legeiel wields a double-edge sword in combat.


  • Megid Creation: With an Alter Ride Book, Legeiel can create a phantom beast-themed Megid.
  • Transformation: Legeiel can transform from his human form into his Megid form at will.
  • Enhanced Leaping: Legeiel is capable of jumping over long and high distances.
  • Ice Generation: Legeiel can generate shards of ice and launch them as projectiles.
  • Rock Generation: Legeiel can generate varying sizes of rocks and launch them as projectiles.
  • Fire Generation: Legeiel can generate fireballs and launch them as projectiles.
  • Power Rebound: Legeiel can reflect any power that's launched against him without being harmed.
  • Fabrikinesis: Legeiel can manipulate the white sash slung over his left shoulder for offensive purposes.
  • Absorption: Legeiel can absorb multiple Alter Ride Books to increase his strength and power.
  • Combustion: After absorbing multiple Alter Ride Books, Legeiel can trigger a fiery explosion from his body.
Appearances: Saber Episodes 7-8, 14-15, 17-18, 20, 23, 24, 26

Legeiel Forbidden

Legeiel Forbidden


  • Height: 216.8 cm
  • Weight: 114.3 kg

This form is a more powerful version of his original form. While the form grants multiple abilities, the side effects of it is that he cannot return back into his former state.


  • Bolhessed (ボルヘスド, Boruhesudo)


  • Enhanced Physiology: Legeiel Forbidden's abilities have exceeded his previous form to the point he can take three Swordsmen by himself.
  • Elemental Generation: Legeiel Forbidden can utilize multiple elements through his Bolhessed sword.
    • Fire Generation: Legeiel Forbidden can generate flames and utilizes said element through his sword.
    • Water Generation: Legeiel Forbidden can generate water and utilizes said element through his sword.
    • Lightning Generation: Legeiel Forbidden can generate lightning bolts and utilizes said element through his sword.
    • Wind Generation: Legeiel Forbidden can generate wind and utilizes said element through his sword.
    • Earth Generation: Legeiel Forbidden can generate earth and utilizes said element through his sword.
  • Elemental Recomposition: Legeiel Forbidden can combine two or three elements to enhance his elemental attacks.
Appearances: Saber Episodes 27, Kamen Rider Saber: Final Stage

Megid Created





  • Tassel: Along with Zoous and Storious before they became Megid, they were friends with Tassel. After turning into a Megid however, he became Tassel's enemy.
  • Master Logos (original): A friend of the original Master Logos, he and the others swore to protect the Human World and Wonder World together.

Behind the Scenes


  • Legeiel is portrayed by Kyle Takano (高野海琉, Takano Kairu). As a Megid, his suit actor is Danki Sakae (榮 男樹, Sakae Danki).


  • Legeiel's name is a combination of the words "Legend" (レジェンド, Rejendo), referencing his specialty being legendary creatures, and "El" (エル, Eru), a Northwest Semitic word meaning "god" or "deity".


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