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Learning The Truth (近づく真相 Chikazuku Shinshō) is the twentieth episode of Kamen Rider Wizard.


While Haruto tries to help Shiho, a housewife whose life is falling apart around her after being attacked by Ghouls and the new Phantom, Rinko tries to discover the identity of a young man who got into a drunken fight, without knowing that he is the Phantom Phoenix.


On a stormy night, furious of Wiseman's refusal to have him deal with Kamen Rider Wizard for the time being, Phoenix takes his frustration out on some drunks. He fights with them before being found by Rinko. The next day, a young housewife called Shiho Arai is attacked by the Phantom Beelzebub and protected from his Ghouls by Haruto as Kamen Rider Wizard Hurricane Style while Shunpei escorts the housewife to safety.

Finding that protecting the Gate is tougher than they thought, Haruto uses his Dress Up Ring to accompany her to her formal luncheon. However, both there and then at a dance class, Haruto finds Shiho being completely ignored to her dismay. Even Shunpei shoves her aside in an occasion after offering to be her friend, with Haruto realizing that everyone she has ties with is under Beelzebub's control. Confronting Beelzebub as he had Shiho's husband abandon her, Haruto transforms to fight the Phantom's Ghouls using the Excite Ring as Kamen Rider Beast joins the fray.

However, Beelzebub reveals his ability to bend time-space and proceeds to overpower Wizard. Meanwhile, unaware that he is Phoenix, Rinko learns from questioning a flower shop owner who identifies the youth as Yugo Fujita, a quiet and diligent man who worked for him in the past before mysteriously disappearing six months ago during the solar eclipse.

Realizing the youth is a Phantom, Rinko investigates Yugo's apartment with Phoenix following her before making his move.


Guest cast

Suit actors

Wizard Ring

  • Rings Used:
    • Wizard
      • Transformation: Hurricane, Flame, Flame Dragon
      • Magic: Dress Up, Excite, Big
    • Style Used:
      • Hurricane Style, Flame Style, Flame Dragon
    • Beast
      • Transformation: Beast
      • Magic: Griffin, Chameleo, Buffa
    • Mantle Used:
      • Chameleo Mantle, Buffa Mantle


DVD/Blu-ray releases

Kamen Rider Wizard Volume 5 episodes 18-21: The Magic of Food, Today's Life, the Life of Tomorrow, Learning the Truth and The Dragons' Wild Dance.

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