This article is about a/an Insectovore in Saban's Masked Rider.

A powerful and cataclyzmic creature that resembled a giant head with three small faces (which shoot laser beams from its eyes) on its forehead and tentacles. Lavasect was trapped within Earth's core for 10,000,000,000 years. Nefaria learns of this and tells Count Dregon that they could use Lavasect against Dex. The Spiderbase heads into the Earth so that Count Dregon can meet Lavasect. When they encounter Lavasect, they learn that he will destroy Dex in exchange that he gets what Count Dregon has. Count Dregon retaliated and was attacked and constricted by Lavasect's tentacles. When Nefaria asks Lavasect to put Count Dregon down, Lavasect does and states that he'll come for Count Dregon once he's done destroying Dex. Not wanting Lavasect to succeed, Count Dregon hopes that Dex will stop Lavasect. Dex soon senses Lavasect and heads out to a nearby mantle where Dex falls in and confronts Lavasect. Dex transforms and fights Lavasect. After taking an attack from Lavasect's smaller faces, Dex transforms into his Super Gold form and ends up bound by the electrical beams shot from Lavasect's eyes. Dex breaks free and shoots Lavasect with the Ecto-Ray. Upon deactivating his Super Gold form, Dex attacks Lavasect with the Rider Kick before destroying Lavasect with the Electro Saber. Though his origin is not fully clear, he is/was quite possibly, the only Insectovore to be native to Earth, not Edenoi.

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