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Lance Rouzer

Lance Rouzer

―Finisher announcement[src]

The Rousing Staff Lance Rouzer (醒杖ランスラウザー Seijō Ransu Rauzā) a spear-like card reader for Kamen Rider Lance developed based on the Kamen Rider Leangle's Leangle Rouzer. The effect of Vesta (ベスタ Besuta) is utilized by rousing the Rouze Card at the rear end of the handle. Its initial AP is 6000.

The Basilicus Edge (バシリクスエッジ Bashirikusu Ejji) at the tip emits high heat by vibrating 2 million times per second, to destroy the target. The Emerald Case (エメラルドケース Emerarudo Kēsu) at the back end of the handle protects the Force Bank (フォースバンク Fōsu Banku) that stores the card's force, but it can also be used for hitting.

Scanning the Mighty Impact Rouze Card to initiates the Impact Stab (インパクトスタッブ Inpakuto Sutabbu) finishing attack.

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