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Icon-geatsThis article is about an episode in Kamen Rider Geats.

Lamentation III: A Fun Sengoku Game♡ (慟哭Ⅲ:たのしい戦国ゲーム♡, Dōkoku Surī: Tanoshī Sengoku Gēmu ♡) is the twenty-seventh episode of Kamen Rider Geats. It features the truth of Ace Ukiyo's past and Beroba's first transformation into Kamen Rider Glare2.


The second round of the Jyamato Grand Prix has begun! The final goal of this "Sengoku-era Game" is to steal the Vision Driver from General Niramu, the ninja Keiwa, and the swordswoman Neon, who face the Jyamato themselves.

Michinaga transforms into Buffa and goes straight for Niramu's headquarters, but Ace appears as a ronin to stop him as Geats Boost MarkII. He is able to overwhelm Buffa and protect the Vision Driver.

Meanwhile, Ziin approaches Niramu to get answers regarding the secret Ace's usage of Boost MarkII. Just what secrets is Ace hiding?


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Guest Cast[]

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Suit Actors[]

Forms and Collectibles Used[]

Raise Buckles[]

  • Buckle Used:
    • Geats
      • Boost MarkII
    • Tycoon
      • Ninja
    • Na-Go
      • Beat
    • Buffa
      • Zombie, Jyamato
    • Jyamato Riders
      • Jyamato
    • Glare2
      • Monster, Magnum
  • Form Used:
    • Geats
      • Boost Form MarkII, Boost Form MarkII Beast Mode (via Revolve)
    • Tycoon
      • Ninja Form (Upper half)
    • Na-Go
      • Beat Form (Upper half)
    • Buffa
      • ZombieJyamato Form
    • Jyamato Riders
      • MonsterJyamato Form (via Remote Control), MagnumJyamato Form (via Remote Control)


  • It is unknown how Beroba managed to obtain the Magnum Buckle, as it was previously in Ace's possession. However, it is possible that Ace lost it when he was knocked out of his transformation in the previous episode, or when Ace fell unconscious before being ambushed by Beroba and the two Jyamato Riders.
  • One of the GM Jyamato Rider's attacks is announced as "Monster Strike" instead of "Hyper Monster Victory", despite having a Jyamato Buckle inserted.


JGP Rule 4

JGP Rule 4

  • Closing Screen JGP Rule: "It is forbidden for supporters to directly involve themselves in the game." (サポーターがゲームに直接関与してはならない。, Sapōtā ga gēmu ni chokusetsu kan'yo shite wa naranai.)
DGP Game Result 27

Game Result 27

  • Count at episode end
    • Raise Buckles in Geats' possession: Magnum, Boost MarkII, Powered Builder, Gigant Container, Gigant Blaster, Gigant Hammer, Gigant Sword, Magnum Shooter 40X
    • Raise Buckles in Tycoon's possession: Ninja, Command Jet
    • Raise Buckles in Na-Go's possession: Beat, Feverslot
    • Raise Buckles in Buffa's possession: Zombie, Jyamato, Command Jet
    • Raise Buckles in Glare2's possession: Magnum, Monster
  • JGP Eliminations: N/A
  • Riders Remaining: 3/3 (Geats, Tycoon, Na-Go)
  • JGP Players Remaining: 5/6 (Buffa, Rook, Bishop, Jyamato Riders 2x)
  • This episode features the debut of the GM Jyamato Riders, which are simply Jyamato Riders hacked by Kamen Rider Glare2, as well as the last appearance of Geats Boost Form MarkII Beast Mode.


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