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Kenta Imai (今井 健太 Imai Kenta), more commonly known as Kyu Saijo (西城 究 Saijō Kyū), The Special Investigation Unit's network researcher. Outside the team, he is also a successful writer that well-known in the otaku community.


Kenta Imai/Kyu Saijo is a writer whom gained popularity in the otaku community. He was hired as the Special Investigation Unit's network researcher, his approach to cases can sometimes get him into some trouble with the team. Kyu mostly assist the team in giving any clues regarding the culprit and tried to get the information of the mysterious Kamen Rider.

In episode 20, it was revealed that he had a Roidmude twin, Roidmude 072, whom differed from other Roidmude as he only wanted to live with humans. In certain occasions, 072 would take Kyu's place in the Special Investigation Unit and help them in tracking Roidmude culprits. The copy was killed by Medic after he was unmasked. Kyu was deeply saddened by 072's death after he was reported to have become berserk and killed by Drive but quickly comforted by his teammates. In reality, 072 requested Drive to lie about his death as it would deeply affect Kyu.

Despite 072's loss, but thanks to the Roidmude, Kyu was able to find an alternative way to detect Roidmudes by tracing their data patterns. What Can Be Spoken About the Irregular Dead?


Kenta, most commonly called Kyu is a nerd who loves occult stuff and also fast in researching informations. Kyu likes watching the anime Murmur Mansion and regularly seen wearing the show's T-Shirt even having a doll of it. Kyu often portrays comical tendencies and would try to lecture anyone who would offend his interests. According to Roidmude 072, Kyu may seem happy at all times, but he can be easily saddened.

Behind the scenes


Kyu Saijo is portrayed by Kenta Hamano (浜野 謙太 Hamano Kenta).


His net name Kyu Saijo (西城 究 Saijō Kyu) is a homonym of the Japanese phrase The Highest Level (最上级 Saijō Kyu). For his profile in a network group.


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