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Kyoko Okada (岡田 京子 Okada Kyōko, October 21, 1958 - August 12, 1986) played Yuriko Misaki/Electro-Wave Human Tackle in Kamen Rider Stronger.

Born Kyoko Hanada, she was given her stage name by the president of Toei at the time, Shigeru Okada. For several years she maintained a very close friendship with Takeshi Sasaki (Hayato Ichimonji/Kamen Rider #2) even after they had both left the series.

Okada studied ballet and in one fight scene in Kamen Rider Stronger can be seen executing a ballet turn. She was asthmatic, however, so the contrivance of her trademark "Electro Wave Toss" was developed to allow her to do only a minimum of stage fighting.

She married Kamen Rider Series makeup artist Hideo Koyama in 1976 and retired.

She died at the age of 27 due to a severe asthma attack. Takeshi Sasaki was reportedly deeply shocked upon receiving news of her death. [1]


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