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Kukulkan (ククルカン Kukurukan) was a giant monster in Kamen Rider Kiva.

Character History

This winged serpent monster is called forth by Taiga via whistling as a way to test Kiva's fighting prowess, interrupting his battle with the Horsefly Fangire. It flies Kiva to a roof and knocks him out of his transformation, but Tatsulot brings him Bloody Rose, and playing it brings forth the power that lets him access Flight Style from Emperor Form. The Kukulkan fights Flight Style, attempting to coil around it, but Flight Style breaks free by blasting its tail apart. It then destroys the Kukulkan with an energy blast. New Arrangement: Flying Rose


Kukulkan Zukan ver
  • Height: 2135.0cm [1]
  • Weight: 480.0kg [1]

Powers and Abilities

  • Flight: Its six wings let it fly and hover, even without flapping them.
  • Energy Attack: It can fire blue energy blasts from its circular head crest and mouth.


  • This monster's name comes from the Feathered Serpent in Mayan mythology.
  • Though given no history in-show, it possibly has a connection to Kamen Rider Saga for being a white serpent, similar to Sagarc.



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