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For the original character, see Koyomi.

Koyomi (こよみ)[1] is a native girl from the World of Monsters.


This world's Koyomi bears an exact similarity with her original counterpart. She longs to escape their world to avoid her fate of transforming into a monster.


The Kamen Rider Rings

Neverending Story

After Gaim defeated the monsters and was forcibly returned to the outside world, the young boy quickly grabbed Koyomi towards where Gaim appeared, leaving the Rider Rings behind. This gave Amadum the chance to close the case and portal, leading to their capture. Confused on what he should do, Haruto saved the two children with the help of Kosuke. Koyomi was resting for a while in one of their hiding spot until Tsukasa Kadoya appeared to take the Fourze Ring back to Amadum, along with the young boy. After Amadum's defeat, Koyomi, who no longer felt the pain of being forced to transform, was reunited with the young boy, whose name was revealed to be Haruto (はると)[1].

Behind the Scenes


Koyomi (こよみ) is portrayed by SALA (SALA, Sara).



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