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Koya Nishihori (西堀 光也 Nishihori Kōya) was a criminologist and criminal who was pursued by Shinnosuke Tomari and Akira Hayase shortly before the emergence of the Roidmudes in the Global Freeze incident. He was arrested and is currently imprisoned, though not before his form was copied by Roidmude 005. It is revealed that he has a daughter, Reiko, who is also a criminal like him.

Character History

Copypcat Pirate

Koya Nishihori was a criminologist who was humiliated in front of the public. Due to this, he adopted the persona of Copycat Pirate (コピーキャットパイレート Kopīkyatto Pairēto), imposing as multiple famous criminals, plagiarizing their modus operandi and attack the public through his blackmail in the internet as means of revenge.

Shortly prior to the Global Freeze in April 2014, Nishihori held one of the hostages as a Copycat Pirate, copying Neo Shade. However, police officers Shinnosuke Tomari and Akira Hayase arrived the location where the video was filmed as they manage to save the hostage and having his identity revealed. Nishihori would told them that he wants revenge from humiliation. Before Shinnosuke could arrest him, they were attacked by Roidmude 005, giving Nishihori a chance to escape. However, Heavy Acceleration started to happen as Koya was taken by Roidmude 005. Once Roidmude 005 copied Nishihori's data, the monster would drop him from great height but Kamen Rider Protodrive arrived just in time to save him as Nishihori started to faint. Nishihori wakes up and Shinnosuke manage to find him, but Nishihori warned him about the Roidmude as the detective ignores his babbling and arrested him. Type ZERO Episode 0: Countdown to Global Freeze


While Nishihori was in prison, 005 assumed his form and operation as the "Copycat Pirate" but was destroyed by Shinnosuke Tomari as Kamen Rider Drive. Type TV-KUN: Hunter & Monster! Chase The Mystery of The Super Thief!

In December 2014, Nishihori was visited by Shinnosuke, who was aware that the criminal had worked with the late Goro Minami. Nishihori asked him if the rumors were true that the detective had fought had fought Lupin, but Shinnosuke quickly changed the subject. He revealed to Shinnosuke that he knew the ending of the Unholy Night as Shinnosuke demanded him to reveal the ending. Who Can Prevent the Dark Christmas Eve?

Koya Nishihori was noted as the identity assumed by 005 on the Eradicated Roidmude Table. Who is Aiming for the Ultimate Taste?

Behind the scenes


Koya Nishihori is portrayed by Toru Nomaguchi (野間口 徹 Nomaguchi Tōru) who also portrays Roidmude 005, the Roidmude who copied Nishihori's form.


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