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Kotaro Shirai (白井虎太郎 Shirai Kotarō) is a twenty-three year-old aspiring writer, helping Kazuma and Shiori's mission by giving them hospitality. He loves to drink milk.


Kotaro Shirai is the younger bother of Haruka Kurihara and uncle of Amane Kurihara was a young man chasing the Kamen Rider urban legend on the internet. He quit his job from a publishing company and sought to become famous as a non-fiction writer.

While chasing the rumored Kamen Riders, he arrives at Kazuma Kenzaki's apartment and lets him live in his own house under th condition that he will be interview him for his story. After BOARD headquarters was destroyed, Shiori Hirose also moved in and the three began living a communal life.

In addition to interviewing, he also supports the Riders' battle by telling Kenzaki about the appearance of the Undead. Therefore, he was often involved in a dangerous situation, but he continued to support him without running away.


Although his personality is a little light-hearted and drinking milk very seriously, Kotaro is mostly innocent and serious. He cherishes his sister Haruka and niece Amane Kurihara very deeply, but often worried that Amane's misbehavior towards him. He is timid and unreliable because he is not good at cockroaches, mantis, thunder, and earthworms.

Kotaro was initially hostile towards Hajime Aikawa, who lived with Haruka and Amane, and when he finds out that he is Undead, his hostility towards him further increased, despite the fact that he had feelings for Miyuki Yoshinaga, who was revealed to be the Orchid Undead, despite the latter didn't recuperate his feelings. Kotaro's hostility appeared to deceased overtime, realizing Hajime really was a good person, which made him believe Miyuki could've been the same.

Behind the scenes


Kotaro Shirai is played by Terunosuke Takezai (竹財 輝之助 Takezai Terunosuke).


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