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Kota Fukuda (福田 耕太 Fukuda Kōta) is the driver of the Nozama Peston Service.

Character History

He is very much a "crack shot", being able to hit almost any mark, even another bullet in midair. KILLING DAY

The other Extermination Team members typically simply call him "Fuku". AMAZONZ

His reason for working with the extermination team is because he has to earn money for his mother's medical fee.

Unfortunately, his mother has mutated into an Amazon after drinking the water from Aroma Ozone. On his way to meet the Kurosaki Team, he eventually met her on the way, and she was personally exterminated by her son.

Overwhelmed at himself killing his own parent, Fukuda is determined to kill the Amazonz.

Behind the Scenes


Kota Fukuda is portrayed by Kazuya Tanabe (田邊 和也 Tanabe Kazuya).



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