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"Leave this to me, this is our world's problem. Go tell everyone the truth."
―Beast ordering Wizard to leave him for the safety of Magic Land residents.[src]

The Magic Land counterpart of Kosuke Nitoh (仁藤 攻介 Nitō Kōsuke)/Kamen Rider Beast (仮面ライダービースト Kamen Raidā Bīsuto) is the first Rider in Magic Land not to become Kamen Rider Mage. Unlike his main reality counterpart, who was referred to as the Ancient Magician (古の魔法使い Inishie no Mahōtsukai) by the Wiseman due to his ancient Belt, he is instead referred to as the Golden Magician (金の魔法使い Kin no Mahōtsukai), a nickname he shares with Orma.


Kosuke was found in a forest. Rinko and Shunpei introduced Haruto and Koyomi to Kosuke as a professor who studies ancient magic. He told Haruto that he created the Beast Driver by himself after studying the original artifact from a book and it does not require consuming the Phantom's mana. Later that night, Haruto was searching for Shiina as he bumps into Kosuke who was fishing for sentient mayonnaise bottles.

As Haruto and Kosuke arrive where Shiina is, he about to fall into despair, thanks to the Phantoms Phoenix, Medusa, and Gremlin. He battled against Medusa and won easily by utilizing Beast Hyper and used his Hyper Magnum Strike on her. With Shiina in despair, both of them leaped into his Underworld to destroy his inner Phantom, Ouroboros. He would later assist Haruto in order to get in the castle, As they reach to the chamber, they learn that Maya is using the forbidden machine Thanatos Vessel that has the citizen's mana transfer directly into it from the mana system. While Kosuke and Haruto are hiding, Maya had a meeting with Orma which they reveal that when the machine have gain enough mana, they will use it to destroy the citizens as a way at getting back at the world. After learning that, Kosuke accidentally blown their cover, which they have to escape. While running, Kosuke tell Haruto that the emperor plans to have the Thanatos Vessel destroys magic and its users until Sorcerer appears and attack them. They transform and let Haruto escape to tell the citizens about Maya's plan. As Beast is overpowered by Sorcerer, the golden magician uses the Vanish Strike Ring to eliminate Beast.

Later, Kosuke helped Rinko and Shunpei during their war against the guards. He then reveals to the captain of the guard that he was alive during the battle as he managed to escape the final blow and tricked Sorcerer using Chameleo Mantle's camouflage magic. However, in the middle of battle, Kosuke, along with the citizens are fallen into despair. In the end, he and the citizens of Magic Land were ceased to exist after the world is perished via Orma's death.


Like the real world version, this Kosuke is a friendly character and fond for mayonnaises even fishing them given that mayonnaise bottles are sentient fish-like figures in his home world. He interested in studying ancient magic, which made him prefers using traditional spells than conventional ones used by Magic Land residents. Due to experiences in studying magic, he also developed a small suspicion on where the residents' Mana would flow through once they use it for currency, even sensing a malicious plot behind it.


Like his main reality counterpart, Nitoh uses single shoulder mantle armaments called Mantles (マント Manto) to help him gain an advantage over his foes. All of his forms are the same.


Kamen Rider Beast

"Set, Open! L-I-O-N, Lion! (Lion roar)"
―Transformation announcement[src]
  • Height: 198 cm.
  • Weight: 94 kg.

Rider Stats

  • Punching Power: 5.5 tons
  • Kicking Power: 7.6 tons
  • Highest Jump: 40 m.
  • Fastest Speed: 100 m. per 4.6 seconds

Beast has the ability to absorb the Mana (magical energy) of defeated Phantoms and Ghouls, which take the form of his personal symbol in order to be absorbed into the Beast Driver, allowing the mana to be consumed by his inner Chimera Phantom.

Falco Mantle
KR-Beast FalcoMantle

Falco Mantle

"Falco, Go: Fa-Fa-Fa-Falco! (Falcon wings flapping)"
―Activation announcement[src]

The Falco Ring allows Beast to gain the orange Falco Mantle (ファルコマント Faruko Manto), which gives him the ability to fly.

Falco Mantle is the second fastest Mantle at Beast's disposal, trumped only by the Dolphi Mantle. It is not usually used for battle, but rather for quick getaways or to finish off an already weakened opponent.

Chameleo Mantle
KR-Beast ChameleoMantle

Chameleo Mantle

"Chameleo, Go: Cha-Cha-Cha-Cha-Chameleo! (Chamelon tongue flicking)"
―Activation announcement[src]

The Chameleo Ring allows Beast to gain the green Chameleo Mantle (カメレオマント Kamereo Manto), which gives him the ability to camouflage into his surroundings and become invisible, as well as utilize the Chameleo's tongue as a whip to either attack or constrict enemies.

Chameleo Mantle is only effective in fighting Ghouls and weaker Phantoms. Some Phantoms can see Beast, even in his camouflage state, making this Mantle rarely used in fighting Phantoms. It is also Beast's second slowest Mantle, only faster then the Buffa Mantle. Despite this, he can also become more nimble and faster when it comes to jumping and climbing with this Mantle on.

Buffa Mantle
KR-Beast BuffaMantle

Buffa Mantle

"Buffa, Go: Bu-Bu-Bububu-Buffa! (Buffalo grunts)"
―Activation announcement[src]

The Buffa Ring allows Beast to gain the red Buffa Mantle (バッファマント Baffa Manto), which enhances his physical strength and endurance.

Buffa Mantle is Beast's strongest Mantle (in regards to physical attacks and durability). It can not only easily overpower Phantoms, but the Mantle can also be used to protect Beast from attacks. However, it is Beast's slowest Mantle, as well as the one that drains his mana the most. Though, this Mantle is often used, due to the great power of this Mantle, compared to the others.

Dolphi Mantle
KR-Beast DolphiMantle

Dolphi Mantle

"Dolphi, Go: Do-Do-Do-Do-Dolphi! (Dolphin squeaks)"
―Activation announcement[src]

The Dolphi Ring allows Beast to gain the purple Dolphi Mantle (ドルフィマント Dorufin Manto), which gives him the ability to swim and emit purple magical energy to heal any ailment.

Dolphi Mantle is Beast's fastest Mantle. It grants him incredible swimming speed, as well as the ability to cure injuries or poisons. However, the healing ability can drain Beast's mana quickly, making it a last resort tactic. This Mantle is rarely to used, as Beast rarely needs to heal the others and also healing costs more mana.

Beast Hyper
KR-Beast Hyper

Beast Hyper

"Hyper, Go: Hy-Hy-Hy-Hyper! (Lion roar)"
―Transformation announcement[src]
  • Height: 208 cm.
  • Weight: 99 kg.

Rider Stats

  • Punching Power: 15 tons
  • Kicking Power: 20.3 tons
  • Highest Jump: 30 m.
  • Fastest Speed: 100 m. per 4.0 seconds

Beast Hyper (ビーストハイパー Bīsuto Haipā) is the ultimate form of Kamen Rider Beast, which is accessed through the Hyper Ring.

In this form, Beast's kicking and punching power has nearly doubled from his standard form, making him a force to be reckoned with. He has now fringes on his forearms that are both offensive and defensive weapons. However, he loses some of his maximum jumping height as a result, as well as the ability to access his Mantles. On another note, his speed has only been heightened slightly.

His weapon in this form is the Mirage Magnum. When Beast Hyper opens the mouth of the Hyper Ring and inserts it into the Mirage Magnum's ring slot, he can initiate an attack called Shooting Mirage (シューティングミラージュ Shūtingu Mirāju), where Beast Hyper shoots Beast Chimera as a beam of energy to destroy the enemy.

If Beast enters a Gate's Underworld while in this form, he can summon Beast Chimera by releasing him through force of will instead of using the Chimarise Ring. However, this will revert Beast back to his original form.



Behind the scenes


This Kosuke Nitoh is also portrayed by Tasuku Nagase (永瀬 匡 Nagase Tasuku).

As Kamen Rider Beast, his suit actor is Jun Watanabe (渡辺 淳 Watanabe Jun), which the role he reprises first in Movie War Ultimatum. He is also the suit actor of the White Wizard, as well as Phoenix and Wiseman. His understudy is Kazuya Okada (岡田 和也 Okada Kazuya), who is also Gremlin's suit actor. [1][2]

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