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Korenosuke Hiden (飛電 是之助 Hiden Korenosuke) is the founder and first CEO of Hiden Intelligence. After passing away from an currently unknown cause, he left his company to his grandson, Aruto Hiden.


Pre-Daybreak Incident

Korenosuke is a succesful man for creating HumaGear. He initially created them for hospitality service, but it went large for business and he had decided to make many variations of HumaGear program, each to help what the people need.

Daybreak Incident

After many succesful achievement, Korenosuke and Gai Amatsu alongside other corporation built a satelite, Ark to help for maintaining the program of the HumaGear. However, Gai had installed a malicious program to make Ark led the HumaGear towards the destruction of the humanity. Gai stated that Korenosuke had created Hiden Zero One Driver as a mean to counter the disaster which HumaGear would be brought upon the future.

Death and Legacy

A day before his death, he had written a dying message to give his legacy towards Aruto Hiden, his own grandson. Many days before his death, Korenosuke had created many hidden messages to help Aruto and Izu when the day had come to work together.

In one of his messages, Korenosuke told that HumaGear is not to be used only as a mere tool to render the human's activity. The only one who read the message was Izu during the problem business with a manga writer.

Another one of his messages is kept on Was Nazotoku for Izu to prevent her on sacrificing herself on the creation of Shining Hopper Progrise Key.

Kamen Rider: Reiwa the First Generation

Another 01 Kills Korenosuke

Another Zero-One kills his boss, Korenosuke.

Another 01 Kills Korenosuke 2

In an altered timeline caused by Time Jacker Finis, Korenosuke Hiden was apparently killed by his HumaGear secretary Will, who transformed into Another Zero-One.



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