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Korenosuke Hiden (飛電 是之助 Hiden Korenosuke) is the founder and first CEO of Hiden Intelligence. After passing away from unknown causes, he left his company to his grandson, Aruto Hiden.


Pre-Daybreak Town Accident

Korenosuke is the creator of the Humagears. He initially created them for hospitality services, but the Humagears spread all over the country in both the public and private sectors, with many different versions for certain occupations. Gai Amatsu, not yet ZAIA Japan's CEO, idolized him for his work in the AI sector.

Daybreak Town Accident

After the successful development of the Humagears, Korenosuke and Gai Amatsu alongside other companies, built the Ark satellite to help maintain the Humagears and the Daybreak Town. However, Gai, after falling out with Korenosuke, had installed a malicious program to make the Ark hellbent on exterminating humanity. Gai initially believed that it was Korenosuke had created Hiden Zero One Driver as a means to counter the incoming future Humagear invasion. In truth, it was Soreo Hiden who had created the Driver instead.

Death and Legacy

A day before his death, he wrote down his will, entrusting his position, the rights to the Humagears, and the Zero One Driver to Aruto Hiden, his grandson. Sometime before his death, Korenosuke created many hidden messages to help Aruto and Izu when the time came.

In one of his messages, Korenosuke told them that Humagears are not to be used only as a mere tool, discovered by Izu when her and Aruto were helping Choichiro Ishizumi . His Passionate Path of Manga 

Another one of his messages was discovered in the data of Wazu Nazotoku for Izu, to prevent her sacrificing herself to create the Shining Hopper Progrise Key. I Work as the President's Secretary 

After Aruto lost his position as Hiden Inteligence's president, Korenosuke's will is revealed to transfer the rights to the Humagears, Zea and the Zero One sytem to Aruto himself, not just his company, foiling Gai's plans to take over the Humagear system by taking over Hiden Intelligence. The rights were later transferred by Izu to Aruto's new company, HIDEN ManufacturingAfter All, I am the President and a Kamen Rider 


Korenosuke is open-minded, perceptive, and very caring towards his company, his acquaintances, his family, the HumaGears, and the whole of society. As revealed in the Reiwa The First Generation, Korenosuke has a great amount of compassion for HumaGears but had concerns about Will when he started behaving more and more human. Korenosuke was initially angry at Will and Soreo for the fact that their personalities had become too human, noticing it was an effect of being influenced by the Ark. But he was shown to be even more frightened when he found out they created the Kamen Rider project.

Sometime after the Daybreak Accident, Korenosuke was able to cherish HumaGears more, even after they achieved Singularity. This is shown when Korenosuke told Wazu Nazotoku to take care of Izu and claimed her to be Wazu's sister. Although he initially disproved of the Kamen Rider project, he would entrust Soreo's creation, along with the Humagears, to his grandson Aruto in hopes of continuing his legacy.

Korenosuke's perceptiveness could be seen even after his death. This was shown in his will, which showed that he was aware of an increasing threat that could jeopardize the HumaGears. He also made sure that to counter this threat, all HumaGear technology, and their patent rights, as well as the Zero-One technology were not Hiden Intelligence property, but his alone - property that he made sure to allow Aruto to inherit completely after his death. This is a clear indication that Korenosuke was aware of Gai's threat towards his company and the HumaGears.




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