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Konosuke Kogure (小暮 耕之助 Kogure Kōnosuke) is the Head of Takeshi's Weapon Design section and Midori Takizawa's mentor, a former Oni who is said to have defeated twenty Makamou single-handedly. He is also a singer in his spare time. Much of Takeshi, including Ichiro Tachibana, fears him because of his strict disciplinary personality (with an exception of a few people). When he is angered, he chases his "victim" and hits them with a paddle. He arrives to also travels using a motorcycle with the newly improved Armed Saber which he made and was almost too powerful for any Oni to control, causing them to lose their transformation abilities for a month. When Torodoki and Hibiki were affected by the Armed Saber, Kōnosuke trained the two with his special training to improve their powers. The training, utilizing energy from the gut while singing, paid off for Hibiki because it enabled him to wield the Armed Saber. After that, Kōnosuke left for Yoshino.

Behind the scenes


Konosuke Kogure is portrayed by the singer Akira Fuse (布施 明 Fuse Akira), who sang Hibiki's ending theme and second opening theme.


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