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Kodama Suika Arms debut

The Kodama Suika Arms during its first activation.

"Suika Arms! The Kodama?"
―Activation announcement[src]

"The Kodamachine gun!"
―Special attack (machine gun) announcement[src]

"The Suika bowling!"
―Special attack (bowling) announcement[src]

"The Kodama Big Bang!"
―Special attack (Yoroi Mode) announcement[src]

The Kodama Suika Arms (コダマスイカアームズ Kodama Suika Āmuzu, lit. Little Ball Watermelon Arms) is a Ridewatch device derived from Kamen Rider Gaim's Suika Arms. When not in use, it folds into the Kodama Ridewatch (コダマライドウォッチ Kodama Raido Wotchi)


The Kodama Suika Arms appeared, alongside the Gaim Watch, on the person of Kouta Kazuraba in November 2018, having been provided with two Blank Watches by a future Sougo Tokiwa. Zi-O On Parade 2018 They were given to Sougo Tokiwa after Kouta saw he used Ridewatches similar to the ones he was carrying. My × My Stage 2013

On December 8th 2018, Zi-O summoned the Kodama Suika Arms to counter the Time Jacker Heure when he attempted to intervene in Zi-O and Geiz's fight against Another Ghost. To that end, the Kodama Suika Arms fired watermelon seeds upon the Time Jacker. Ghost Hunter 2018


The Kodama Suika Arms consists of the following parts:

  • Push Starter (プッシュスターター Pusshu Sutātā) - The activation button. It contains a navigation and identification device, allowing it to return to its user at any time.
  • Pict Window (ピクトウインドウ Pikuto Uindou) - A graphic placed on the Kodama Suika Arms in Ridewatch Mode. It tells users of the Kodama Suika Arm's capabilities, and miscellaneous information such as time is holographically projected from the top window.
  • Kodama Suika Head (コダマスイカヘッド Kodama Suika Heddo) - The head unit. It contains an AI unit that controls the whole body, and enables autonomous behavior in accordance with given commands.
  • Suika Hand (スイカハンド Suika Hando) - The arms. Due to its small size, it can work on small, delicate tasks. However, it is strong enough to (allegedly) crack a metal bat. Also, a 1.2 Caliber Kodamachine Gun (コダマシンガン Kodamashin Gan) is installed on its fingertips.
  • Watch Shell Body (ウォッチシェルボディ Wotchi Sheru Bodi) - The Kodama Suika Arms' entire body. It has an inbuilt gyroscope and air thrusters, allowing the Kodama Suika Arms to maintain balance during flight. Additionally, it is equipped with a rotor that resembles the Suika Sojinto, enabling communication, flight and hovering.
  • Suika Foot (スイカフット Suika Futto) - The legs. Due to its compactness and lightweight properties, the Kodama Suika Arms can demonstrate swift and agile movement. Additionally, its kicks can (allegedly) break a frying pan.


When activated (it can also apparently activate itself), the Ridewatch unfolds (but does not grow) into Yoroi Mode as a tiny autonomous figure capable of infiltration or retrieval of small objects. Despite its small size, it can jump higher than a person's height. It has not demonstrated any notable physical strength in show, although it is claimed that it can lift objects 400 times its weight[1]. It can use a small double-sided tool resembling the Suika Sojinto to create a floating display screen capable of communicating with, among other things, a time-displaced copy of itself. Its fingers can shoot sprays of small projectiles seemingly resembling watermelon seeds.



  • Each time the Kodama Suika Arms announces a special attack, the word "The" is placed in front of the attack name (i.e. "The Kodama Big Bang!") just like the Ninja IchibantouIcon-crosswiki.



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