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KRGa-Kiwi Gekirin

A single Kiwi Gekirin

"Kiwi Gekirin!"
―Summoning announcement via Kiwami Lockseed[src]

"Hai! Kiwi Au Lait!"
―Finisher announcement via Sengoku Driver[src]

The Kiwi Gekirin (キウイ撃輪 Kiui Gekirin, lit. "Kiwi Attack Wheels") is the Armored Rider Arms Weapon granted either by accessing Kiwi Arms, Yomotsuheguri Arms, or via the summoning ability of Kiwami Arms. They take on the form of dual gigantic wind and fire wheels. They can also be thrown at an enemy like boomerangs, which also allows them to come back to the user.


The Kiwi Gekirin is composed of the following parts:

  • En Geki Ha (円撃刃 En Geki Ha, lit. 'Circular Blade') is the decorated outside blade of the Kiwi Gekirin that can be utilised for slashing attacks. It is easy to control due to its weight, and movement can be adjusted with a flick of the wrist. Additionally, thanks to the shape, it is suitable for deflecting enemy attacks.
  • Hi Yokusõ (飛翼爪 Hi Yokusõ, lit. 'Flight Claw') is the black connecting pieces between the En Geki Ha and the Kazaguruma Wa.
  • Kazaguruma Wa (風車環 Kazaguruma Wa, lit. 'Windmill Ring') is the stabilising ring in the middle of the Arms Weapon, and resembles a kiwi slice. In addition to provide balance to the weapon, it also stabilises the posture of the Kiwi Gekiri when it is thrown, allowing extended flight.
  • Kokuryū Hone (黒龍骨 Kokuryū Hone, lit. 'Black Dragon Bone') is the handle. The sculpted scratches on it informs the Rider of the weapon's power via unknown means.

Known Users

Finishing attacks

  • Spinning Hoop (スピニングフープ Supiningu Fūpu): After Ryugen activates his Sengoku Driver's Au Lait function, he charges the Kiwi Gekirin with kiwi-shaped energy before slashing the enemy.


  • This is the third Arms Weapon to not be a single weapon, as well as the second to be in the form of a pair.