This article is about a/an companion/transformation device/ally in Kamen Rider Kiva.

Kivat-bat the 4th (キバットバットⅣ世 Kibattobatto Yonsei) is the son of Kivat-bat the 3rd (and the grandson of Kivat-bat the 2nd) from the year 2031, he is orange and assists Masao Kurenai to become New Kiva. He only makes a brief appearance in the final episode of Kamen Rider Kiva during the final transformation sequence with Kiva, Dark Kiva, and IXA.


Although not much was shown about his personality, Kivat-bat the 4th seemed to be a happy go lucky being while presumably having the same kind of relationship with Masao that their fathers have. Unlike his father and grandfather who are both more mature than him, Kivat-bat the 4th seems to be rather immature as shown in his limited screen time.


  • It seems that Kivat-bat the 4th can borrow the Wolfen, Mermen and Franken`s powers like his father.
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