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Kisaburo Sasamoto (笹本 喜三郎 Sasamoto Kisaburō) is a scientist and is Rinna Sawagami's ex-boyfriend. He willingly worked with the Voice Roidmude, who copied his appearance, to further his experiments. After Voice was defeated, Kisaburo was arrested.

Character History

In a plot to ensure the death of Eisuke Tomari remains a secret, Mitsuhide Nira and Sou Noumi/Brain held a conference where they falsely accused Kamen Rider Drive for trying to takeover the leadership of the Roidmudes while the Special Investigation Unit were framed using their relations to past Roidmudes, among them were Rinna's relation to Voice/Kisaburo Sasamoto. Why Did the Siege Happen?

Behind the scenes


Kisaburo Sasamoto was portrayed by Yoshihiko Narimatsu (成松 慶彦 Narimatsu Yoshihiko).


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