This article is about a/an transformation device in Kamen Rider Black and Kamen Rider Black RX.

The Transformation Belt King Stone (変身ベルトキングストーン Henshin Beruto Kingu Sutōn) is Kamen Rider Black and Shadow Moon's means of transformation. Embedded upon the center of their belts is the artifacts known respectively as the Stone of the Sun (太陽の石 Taiyō no Seki) and the Stone of the Moon (月の石 Tsuki no Seki).


  • Alert Point (アラートポイント Arāto Pointo): A red device on the forehead that sends an alert when there are monsters nearby or an incoming attack
  • Strengthened Skin - Riplasform (強化皮膚・リプラスフォーム Kyōka Hifu Ripurasufōmu): The grasshopper-like exoskeleton that protects Kamen Rider Black's body from attack
  • Strengthened Muscle - Filbron (強化筋肉・フィルブローン Kyōka Kin'niku Firuburōn): As the result of the cyborg surgery, the brown muscles under the Strengthened Skin, gives Kamen Rider Black 30 times the strength of a human.


There are two King Stones, one for each Century King. When Kotaro and Nobuhiko were both kidnapped, they were each infused with one of the King Stones. However, Kotaro escapes becoming a Century King thanks to the intervention of his stepfather, Soichiro, and takes up the identity of Kamen Rider BLACK. Nobuhiko is not so lucky, however, and becomes the perfect Century King; Shadow Moon.

In order to transform into Black, Kotaro crouches down, cracking his knuckles. He then crosses his arms individually into the air, before circling them into a pose. He then shouts "Henshin!" causing the belt to materialize itself in several red & white flashes. His Rider form then materializes in a shade of green, and the BLACK logo etches itself into his armor to complete the transformation and refine the armor's features. The King Stone is also the energy source for BLACK's finishing moves, the Rider Punch, Rider Kick, and his unique King Stone Flash technique.

Since both existing King Stone had same functions, it also gave the bearer the equal ability as the second bearer (e.g. control over Battle Hopper, summoning weapons like the Satan Saber).

In Kamen Rider Black RX, Kotaro's King Stone responded to Kohtaro's crisis and by absorbing sunlight, became the Rider Transformation Belt Sunriser (ライダー変身ベルトサンライザー Raidā Henshin Beruto Sanraisā). The Sunriser is BLACK RX's transformation belt. In response to BLACK's evolution, Sunriser enables Kotaro to communicate telepathically and use sunlight to power RX up. That factor places RX at a disadvantage while in an area devoid of sunlight. The Sunriser also allows for Form Change, changing its design to suit the form, as well as providing RX with versatility.



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