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The Heavy Rousing Sword King Rouzer (重醒剣 キングラウザー Jūseiken Kingu Rauzā) is Kamen Rider Blade King Form's primary armament. Accessed when Blade transforms and forms within his hand, this sword allows Blade to perform Poker hand-themed attacks via his own collection of Rouse cards or lending from the other Kamen Riders.


Unlike a regular Rouzers, it has an Auto-Rouse System (オートラウズシステム Ōto Rauzu Shisutemu) that reads up to five Rouse Cards with automatic loading. When rousing, it read the Card Suits' Category, not the effect name of the card. Its Diamante Edge MAX (ディアマンテ・エッジMAX Diamante Ejji Makkusu) blade is three times sharper than the Blay Rouzer. The Rouzer section is protected by an Absolute Shield (アブソリュート・シールド Abusoryūto Shīrudo) created by an internal Barrier System (バリアシステム Baria Shisutemu). Because it is a newly appearing sword after transformed into King Form, it can be used as a two-sword style with Blay Rouzer. Its initial AP is 9600.

Rouse Combos & Effects

By inserting certain Rouze Cards into the King Rouzer, it allows Blade King Form to utilizes special attacks that are named after their equivalent hands in standard games of poker.

  • Royal Flush (ロイヤルストレートフラッシュ Roiyaru Sutorēto Furasshu, lit. "Royal Straight Flush")
    • Cards Required: Time Scarab (♠10) + Fusion Eagle (♠J) + Absorb Capricorn (♠Q) + Evolution Caucasus (♠K) + Change Beetle (♠A)
    • AP Cost: 10800 (♠10=1800, ♠J=2400, ♠Q=2000, ♠K=4600, ♠A=0)

Blade's strongest and most frequently-used combo. Once activated, the effects of this Rouse Combo imbues Blade with evolved effects of ♠10, ♠J, ♠Q, ♠K, and ♠A for the ultimate sword-strike which can also be fired as a beam from the King Rouzer.

  • Straight Flush (ストレートフラッシュ Sutorēto Furasshu)
    • Cards Required: Slash Lizard (♠2) + Beat Lion (♠3) + Tackle Boar (♠4) + Kick Locust (♠5) + Thunder Deer (♠6)
    • AP Cost: 4000 (♠2=400, ♠3=600, ♠4=800, ♠5=1000, ♠6=1200)

This Rouse Combo summons the Blay Rouzer to be used in addition to Blade's King Rouzer in a special dual-sword strike.

  • Four of a Kind (フォーカード Fō Kādo, lit. "Four Card")
    • Cards Required: Thunder Deer (♠6) + Fire Fly (♦6) + Tornado Hawk (♥6) + Blizzard Polar (♣6) + Evolution Caucasus (♠K)
    • AP Cost: 9400 (♠6=1200, ♦6=1000, ♥6=1400, ♣6=1200, ♠K=4600)

This Rouse Combo borrows the Category 6 Rouse Cards from all 4 suits and amplifies their effects with the ♠K: "Evolution Caucasus". Its combo effect imbues King Blade with the evolved elemental powers of the Category 6 cards for a finishing strike.


The following Rouse Combos are never shown in the series, but are seen in the DX King Rouzer toyline.

  • Straight (ストレート Sutorēto)
    • Cards Required: Bullet Armadillo (♦2) + Screw Mole (♣3) + Float Dragonfly (♥4) + Kick Locust (♠5) + Thunder Deer (♠6)
    • AP Cost: 4200 (♦2=400, ♣3=600, ♥4=1000, ♠5=1000, ♠6=1200)

Also known as Straight Tempest Crash, this is Blade's Rider Kick in King form. However, this is never seen within the series, due to how the other Riders of the Blade series are.

  • Full House (フルハウス Furu Hausu)
    • Cards Required: Any 3 same number cards + 2 other same number cards
    • AP Cost: Depends on the card
  • Flush (フラッシュ Furasshu)
    • Cards Required: Any 5 random cards of the same suit
    • AP Cost: Depends on the card
  • Three of a Kind (スリーカード Surī Kādo, lit. "Three Card")
    • Cards Required: Any 3 same number cards + 2 other random cards
    • AP Cost: Depends on the card
  • Two Pair (ツーペア Tsū Pea)
    • Cards Required: Any 2 same number cards + another 2 same number cards + 1 random card
    • AP Cost: Depends on the card
  • One Pair (ツーカード Tsū Kādo, lit. "Two Card")
    • Cards Required: Any 2 same number cards + 3 other random cards
    • AP Cost: Depends on the card
  • Five of a Kind (ファイブカード Faibu Kādo, lit. "Five Card")
    • Cards Required: Metal Trilobite (♠7) x 5
    • AP Cost: 8000 (♠7=1600 x 5)

This Rouse Combo is never shown in the series, but is seen in the DX King Rouzer toyline as a secret card combo.


The King Rouzer is also among the various Rider Weapons used by Ganbarider in Kamen Rider Battle: Ganbarizing.

Behind the scenes


Along with the Rouse Absorber and Wild Slasher, the King Rouzer was voiced by Fumihiko Tachiki (立木 文彦 Tachiki Fumihiko).


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