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"Be careful, or just like Leangle, I will control you after I'm sealed."
―King's last warning to Kenzaki before being sealed[src]

King (キング Kingu) is the human form of the Category King of Spades Suit Undead, the Caucasus Undead (コーカサスアンデッド Kōkasasu Andeddo), who poses as a teenage boy with an annoying personality.

Character History

Kamen Rider Blade

King first appears antagonizing a man, leading him to chase him and get run over by a truck. King then took a picture of the injured man, grabbing Mutsuki's attention after taking a picture of him fighting police officers consulting him. Mutsuki tried to shove a car at him, only for King to float and state his intentions to him as he left. He then sends pictures of Leangle dubbed as Kamen Riders being destroyers to the Undead Searcher. Shiori and Kotaro then head to his location to confront him for his action. King feigned tears after Shiori scolded him, then deciding to refuse to take down what he posted and floated the chair she was on to cause mischief to her and Kotaro, then making his getaway. Kenzaki later encountered King and attempted to fight him, only for the Scarab Undead to pause time on him for King to escape. Eventually, Kenzaki managed to fight him but once Hajime entered the fray, King exposed the latter's identity as the Joker to Blade. With Scarab's help, King was able to confiscate Hajime's Rouse Cards in an attempt to make the Rider revert to Joker form while having him kidnapped. Back at his hideout, King asks Hajime to reveal his true form. Hajime refused, prompting King to blackmail him into doing so by sending pictures of his Rider identity to the Jacaranda Cafe. Later, King appears to Kenzaki again to have the Scarab Undead pause time on him, only to accidentally injure his hand from the force field. King then ordered Scarab to unpause time and fight Blade, then later joining the fight by using Kenzaki's Blay Rouzer against him. Eventually, after Kenzaki managed to use some cloth on his fist to defeat Scarab, King retreated while showing signs of his Undead form to him and Hajime. The 53rd BeingThe Destroyer's Secret

While enjoying himself, King then noticed Nozomi's screams from some men that wanted to harass her. King then "saved" Nozomi from them while deciding to mess with the gang for his demented amusement. Kenzaki notices this and came to confront King again to reclaim Hajime's cards. Despite King's claims of "saving" Nozomi and not wanting to be lumped in with the other Undeads he fought, Kenzaki refused to believe him and stated that he only does things for his twisted games. Eventually the two fought, with King not only defeating Kenzaki, but also mocking him for saving Hajime, whom he believed would not bring benefit to the planet should he be the last one standing. The Targeted Kenzaki

King later goes to Nozomi and slightly endangers her to get Mutsuki's attention. King then throws down Hajime's cards to Mutsuki for keeps on the grounds of him still enjoying the "mess" to result. Later, with Nozomi's help, Shiori used the drawing she had of King to put him in publicity. As King was in a cafe, one civilian took a cellular picture of him, with more joining in, earning his ire. King continued to walk away from them, attracting a crowd, leading to Shiori finally managing to retaliate him. When Kenzaki was about to transform, King questions him if he would do so in front of the crowd, with Kenzaki replying that he does so to protect people. King then transformed as well, scaring the crowd, then taking Kenzaki's cards from him while still taking him down. However, Kenzaki eventually manages to take his sword, damage his shield, and finally slash him with just the power of his Category Ace. After getting his cards back, Kenzaki asks him where Hajime's cards were, which King claimed that he threw them indiscriminately. As Kenzaki sealed him, King warned him to be careful lest he ends up like Mutsuki.  Category King

Kamen Rider Decade

The Caucasus Undead appeared as part of a group of several Undead which wrecked havoc as Natsumi Hikari was trapped within the changing dimensions during the destruction of the worlds. Rider War (episode)


King loves to cause trouble and mess with everybody, wanting to invest amusement for himself from whatever mischief he performs. His reason for messing with things is to mess with the status quo of life, while claiming to make the world from beautiful to dirty and vice-versa.


  • Technology: King is very skilled with modern technology, using the pictures he takes to make fake headlines to cause mayhem on others.
  • Shield: King can summon his shield by clapping his hands.
  • Telekinesis: King uses this ability as his claim of controlling other Undead.

Video Game appearances

Kamen Rider Blade (video game)

The Caucasus Beetle Undead is one of many Undead who appear in the Kamen Rider Blade video game.

Caucasus Undead

Caucasus Undead

Caucasus Undead

  • Height: 230 cm
  • Weight: 139 kg

An immortal creature that is the ancestor of the caucasus beetle, which belongs to the Category K of Spade Suit. Unlike the other main Undead, the black body color is close to pure gold. Weapons include a destructive sword called All-Over (オールオーバー Ōruōbā) and a Solid Shield (ソリッドシールド Soriddo Shīrudo) that can withstand a shock of 150 tons.

Rouse Card

Evolution Caucasus

  • Suit: Spade (♠)
  • Category: KING (K)
  • Effect name: EVOLUTION
  • Card name: Evolution Caucasus (エボリューション・コーカサス Eboryūshon Kōkasasu)
  • Consumption points: EP +2000

Behind the scenes


King is portrayed by Makoto Kamijo (上條 誠 Kamijō Makoto).

Concept Art

Caucasus Undead concept art


Caucasus Undead concept art.jpg

  • Caucasus Undead's suit is a modified Beetle Undead.
  • In Yasushi Nirasawa's concept art,Caucasus Undead is called Beetle Undead,shares the same name with Beetle Undead.
  • Despite being referred as the Caucasus Undead, his design is more similar to a rhinoceros beetle than an atlas beetle.
  • Despite being the strongest Undead Kenzaki ever sealed, Caucasus Undead is the only Undead Kenzaki defeated by simply relying in the power of the Category Ace instead of using a Finisher through a combination of Rouse Cards.
  • The Caucasus Undead was one of several Undead costumes which were used in a cameo in the OOO portion of Movie War Mega Max, where they were used to depict the obscured future monsters which attacked humanity in the future where Michal Minato comes from. The Caucasus Undead's sword is also seen being wielded by a modified Trial F at one point.


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