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King (キング Kingu) is the human form of the Category King of Spades Suit Undead, the Caucasus Undead (コーカサスアンデッド Kōkasasu Andeddo), who poses as a teenage boy with an annoying personality.

Character History

Kamen Rider Blade

"Be careful, or just like Leangle, I will control you after I'm sealed."
―King's last warning to Kenzaki before being sealed[src]
He loves to cause trouble and mess with everybody. He also steals Hajime's Rouse Cards to push him back into Joker form, giving the deck to Mutsuki in order to enjoy the "mess" to result. He uses telekinesis and can summon his shield by clapping his hands. Though he managed to take his deck from him, Blade managed to beat him and sealed Caucasus with the Blay Rouzer.

Kamen Rider Decade

The Caucasus Undead appeared as part of a group of several Undead which wrecked havoc as Natsumi Hikari was trapped within the changing dimensions during the destruction of the worlds. Rider War (episode)

Video Game appearances

Kamen Rider Blade (video game)

The Caucasus Beetle Undead is one of many Undead who appear in the Kamen Rider Blade video game.

Caucasus Undead

Caucasus Undead
Caucasus Undead

Caucasus Undead

  • Height: 230 cm
  • Weight: 139 kg

An immortal creature that is the ancestor of the caucasus beetle, which belongs to the Category K of Spade Suit. Unlike the other main Undead, the black body color is close to pure gold. Weapons include a destructive sword called All-Over (オールオーバー Ōruōbā) and a Solid Shield (ソリッドシールド Soriddo Shīrudo) that can withstand a shock of 150 tons.

Rouse Card


Evolution Caucasus

  • Suit: Spade (♠)
  • Category: KING (K)
  • Effect name: EVOLUTION
  • Card name: Evolution Caucasus (エボリューション・コーカサス Eboryūshon Kōkasasu)
  • Consumption points: EP +2000


  • Caucasus Undead's suit is a modified Beetle Undead.
  • Despite being referred as the Caucasus Undead, his design is more similar to a rhinoceros beetle than an atlas beetle.
  • Despite being the strongest Undead Kenzaki ever sealed, Caucasus Undead is the only Undead Kenzaki defeated by simply relying in the power of the Category Ace instead of using a Finisher through a combination of Rouse Cards.
  • The Caucasus Undead was one of several Undead costumes which were used in a cameo in the OOO portion of Movie War Mega Max, where they were used to depict the obscured future monsters which attacked humanity in the future where Michal Minato comes from. The Caucasus Undead's sword is also seen being wielded by a modified Trial F at one point.


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