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"Stage Select!"
―Kimewaza Slot Holder's activation announcement without a Gashat inserted[src]

―Rider Gashat insertion announcement[src]

"Kimewaza! (Gashat name) Critical Strike!"
―Kimewaza Slot Holder's finisher activation announcement[src]

"Kaishin no Ippatsu!"
―Kimewaza Slot Holder's post-finisher announcement[src]

―Rider Gashat deactivation announcement[src]

The Kimewaza Slot Holder (キメワザスロットホルダー Kimewaza Surotto Horudā, lit. "Finishing Move Slot Holder") is a Rider Gashat holder and has special slot to activate a Rider Gashat's Critical Strike finisher. This slot is attached on the left side of the Gamer Driver.


The Kimewaza Slot Holder consists of the following parts:

  • Kimewaza Slot (キメワザスロット Kimewaza Surotto) is a slot of Rider Gashat used when casting finisher. It can instantly read the data of the inserted Gashat and send instructions to the whole body so that Riders can activate the finisher at any time.
  • Holder Switch (ホルダースイッチ Horudāsuitchi) is a button to use when triggering finishers. After inserting the Rider Gashat in the Kimewaza slot, pressing the button activates a strong attack program written in the Gashat. By pushing the button again, a smash-crushing system Strike alternator (ストライクオルタネーター Sutoraiku Orutanētā) mounted in the holder is activated, a powerful finisher technique according to the characteristics of the Gashat is activated. It also has a Stage Select function of the Game Area.
  • Critical Discharger (クリティカルディスチャージャー Kuritikaru Disuchājā) is a control device that operates when a finisher is activated. Automatically controls the output and behavior of the technique and raises the hit rate. Also, by releasing the reinforcement limiter of the body suit, strengthening the power of the technique by strengthening the physical ability beyond the limit.
  • Sub Gashat Holder (サブガシャホルダー Sabu Gasha Horudā) is a holder of the Rider Gashat. An upper holder and a lower holder are provided, each is possible to set one Gashat.


  • When the Holder Switch is pushed without any Gashat in the Kimewaza Slot, "STAGE Select" (ステージセレクト Sutēji Serekuto) is activated.
  • When an active Gashat is removed from the Gamer Driver and inserted to the Kimewaza Slot, with the Holder Switch pushed, energy will be gathered at the Rider's right leg, and when the Switch is pushed again, a "Critical Strike" finisher will be performed.
  • When the Shakariki Sports/Bakusou Bike Gashat is inserted to the Kimewaza Slot, the Sports Gamer/Bike Gamer bicycle will be summoned.
  • When the Holder Switch is pushed while the Shakariki Sports Gashat is in, the "Shakariki Critical Strike" finisher will be performed.


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