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Kazuya Misaki (三崎 一也 Misaki Kazuya) is a support member of the Nozama Peston Service.

Character History

He is a former con-artist who joined the Exterminators to pay his debts, especially to a scary syndicate. He is in charge of distracting the general public during the group's Amazon exterminations. His left forearm was later eaten by Mamoru, replacing it with a prosthetic limb. to be added


Misaki is the probably the jolliest person in the extermination team, mostly seen smiling and joking. He is also a very affectionate man, treating both Mamoru and Haruka as little children and calling them Mamo-chan and Darling Boy, respectively. His love towards Mamoru was shown best when he refrained to shoot him even after he ate his left arm.

Behind the Scenes


Kazuya Misaki is portrayed by Katsuya (勝也 Katsuya).



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