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Kazuya Igarashi (五十嵐 一也 Igarashi Kazuya) was a ballet teacher and the ex-boyfriend of Misuzu Hatori.

Around the time of the Global Freeze, Kazuya, having grown jealous of Misuzu's skill drove his car into her and her dog Shou, critically injuring them both. Both were healed by the Roidmude 009, who became Medic as a result. However, while Medic recovered the dog, Misuzu was taken into hospital where she remained catatonic for over a year.

Ultimately, Misuzu was discovered by the Special Investigation Unit. At the same time, Kazuya returned and attempted to murder her. However, as Kazuya was about to drop the wheelchair-bound Misuzu to death, Shinnosuke Tomari intercepted and quickly arrested him. Where is the Truth About the Goddess?

Behind the scenes


Kazuya Igarashi was portrayed by Ren Yagami (八神 蓮 Yagami Ren).


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