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"I am an ally of the Kamen Riders!"
―introducing himself to Ryo Murasame[src]

Kanji Yada/GanGan G (矢田 勘次/がんがんじい Yada Kanji/Gan Gan Jī) is Hiroshi Tsukuba's friend which usually acts as a comedy relief. He is usually seen wearing a customized Japanese armor with GG on the chest plate, armed with boxing gloves, and rides a small motorcycle.

Character History

GanGan G

GanGan G is dancing

Kanji Yada's first encounter with Neo-Shocker was when, taking a stroll on the side of the road in his GanGan G costume, a van driven by Ari Commandos led by the cyborg monster Mantle Kong brushed his side, falling into a pool when a pursuing car drove by Tsukuba's friends went past him as he cursed the Neo-Shocker truck for snubbing him. He later appeared to challenge Mantle Kong as he had his Commandos menace Tsukuba's friends. Taken off-guard by Mantle Kong's earthquake-like stomps, GanGan G was chased into a forest by the monster. Overwhelmed by Mantle Kong's physical strength, GanGan G attempted his self-dubbed finishing move, the GanGan Headbutt, only to succeed in banging his head against a tree as Mantle Kong got out of the way. GanGan G then attempted to use a log of wood to fight only for it to be broken in half by Mantle Kong. Mantle Kong then ended the fight by tossing GanGan G far out. Danger, Skyrider! He's Come! Shirō Kazami!! Later in a battle against the Dragon King Kaijin, Skyrider and Ichimonji Hayato meet GanGan G when he comes to assist them. He later runs into the pair again when sneaking into a Neo-shocker hideout. After Hayato and Gangan G lure out Dragon King Kaijin and the Ari Commandos, Hayato knocks him out to prevent him from engaging the enemy any further. When in a Ghost mansion, Tsukuba finds him without his mask, where he reveals his true identity to be Kanji Yada. Skyrider promises not to reveal his identity to the public, though eventually he reveals it to the rest of the main cast anyways. He appears a couple times during the later half of the series in order to assist the Riders and other people in need. Though most of the time he ends up neading to be saved himself. As time goes on in the show, he gains a good friendship with everyone at the Blanca Cafe where most of the cast hangs out. When Hiroshi loses control after learning his parents are alive and working for shocker, GanGan G confronts him and tries to pursuade him to not be rash, and that life is precious. When the 8 riders go off to fight against the Great Leader of Neo-Shocker, Gangan g wishes to join them, and become heroes like them. After the Riders disappear he gives his goodbyes along with everyone else, promising to keep the world safe in there place.

Behind the scenes


Kanji Yada was portrayed by Tomaru Katsura (桂 都丸 Katsura Tomaru).

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