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In the entire franchise, there are three Riders that can transform into a unique type of alternate form when they swap one of their Collectible Devices used in a set to access a specific form with a different trinket from their Collectible Devices. Logically speaking, these forms are not exactly the most compatible forms the Riders have, and are just random mix-and-matches that they have access to.

Kamen Rider W

Kamen Rider OOO

OOO All Combo

A full list of OOO's Combos (excluding Putotyra, Tamashiy, Burakawani, and Super Tatoba)

OOO has over 100 different combinations of forms to access. However, this list only covers the Random Combos he used in the series' canon.
  • Kamen Rider OOO
    • Takakiriba
    • Takatorartar
    • Latoraba
    • Lakiriba
    • Takakirietar
    • Gatatoraba
    • Latorazo
    • Takagoriba
    • Takauootar
    • Lakirietar
    • Takauba
    • Takajaba
    • Takatoradol
    • Takagorita
    • Takauta
    • Shauba
    • Takatorata
    • Sauba
    • Sajazo
    • Shajartar
    • Shagorietar
    • Shatorartar
    • Lauba
    • Sagorietar
    • Takauzo
    • Lagorita
    • Shagorita
    • Gatatorartar
    • Gatatoradol
    • Gatagorietar
    • Takatorazo

Kamen Rider Build


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