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"I'm just a passing-through Kamen Rider. Remember that!"
―Zuccocade's quote when he debuts.[src]

Kamen Rider Zuccocade (仮面ライダーズッコケイド Kamen Raidā Zukkokeido) is a Kamen Rider that appears in the stage show of Kamen Rider Decade.


He creates his very own Rider Belt and planned to use it to defeat Kamen Rider Decade and become the King of the AR Worlds. Just like Decade and Diend, he transformed using his own Kamen Ride Card. However, during his battle with both Decade and Diend, he is shown to use his very own version of Attack Ride called Zutoke Ride. Zuccocade meets his end when he fought and was defeated by Kamen Rider Kabuto who was summoned by Kamen Rider Diend.


Rider Belt

  • Change announcement: KAMENRIDE
  • Attack announcement: ZUTOKERIDE

Zuccocade transformed into his Sea Cucumber based Rider Form using the Rider Belt that he created during his research. By inserting a card into his Rider Belt, Zuccocade can invoke the cards' abilities.

Kamen Ride Card

Zuccocade only possessed one Kamen Ride card which he used to transform into himself. Unlike Decade and Diend, the announcement of his name during his transformation is similar to Final Attack Ride (ZuZuZuZuZu Zucocade).

  • Zuccocade: Initial card; used to transform into Kamen Rider Zuccocade.

Zutoke Ride Cards

Zutoke Ride Cards allow Zuccocade to perform any of his own attacks.

  • Double: Similar to Decade's Illusion Attack Ride, This card split Zuccocade into 2 and allow him and his clone to attack his enemy thus overpowering them.
  • Fangire: This card is Similar to Chinomanako's Kaijin Ride, this card allow Zuccocade to summon the Horse Fangire. However, it seemed that Zuccocade is unable to control the Fangire that he summoned as the Fangire hit him in the face when he commanded him to defeat Decade.
  • Super Sword: Allow Zuccocade to summon a sword and use it as his weapon. It seemed there is some problem with this card, as Zuccocade was unable to directly summon his sword to him and panicked for a while before the sword finally appeared from the ground several seconds after he activated the card.