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Kamen Rider Zolda

Kamen Rider Zolda (仮面ライダーゾルダ) may refer to any the following characters.

Kamen Rider Zolda

Kamen Rider Zolda

Kamen Rider Zolda

Rider Statistics:[1]

  • Rider Height: 192 cm
  • Rider Weight: 110 kg

Ability Parameters:[1]

  • Punching Power: 300 AP (15 t)
  • Kicking Power: 300 AP (15 t)
  • Maximum Jump Height: 15 m
  • Maximum Running Speed: 100 m per 7 seconds
  • Eyesight: 20 km
  • Hearing: 10 km

Special Abilities:[1]

  • Advent: Magnugiga: 6000 AP (300 t)
  • Gigalauncher: 2000 AP (100 t)
  • Gigacannon: 3000 AP (150 t)
  • Gigaarmor: 3000 GP (150 t)
  • Giga Tector: 1000 GP (50 t)
  • Giga Horn: 2000 AP (100 t)
  • End Of World: 7000 AP (350 t)

One can transform into Kamen Rider Zolda using an Advent Deck and V Buckle upon forming a contract with Magnugiga. His Visor, the Magnuvisor (マグナバイザー Maguna Baizā), is a submachine gun that also functions as his personal weapon. Zolda's punching power and kicking power are equal and of decent strength, but his jump height and running speed are the lowest among all of the 13 Riders. To compensate for his lack of agility, Zolda employs an exclusively long-ranged fighting style.

Zolda possesses two different Shoot Vent Advent Cards. The first arms him with the Gigacannon (ギガキャノン Giga Kyanon), a pair of cannons derived from Magnugiga's legs which mount on Zolda's back and fire over his shoulders. The second Shoot Vent arms Zolda with the Gigalauncher (ギガランチャー Giga Ranchā), a massive missile launcher derived from Magnugiga's arms combined together. His Guard Vent equips him with the Gigaarmor (ギガアーマー Giga Aāmā), a shield derived from Magnugiga's torso which can also be used as a mount for the Gigalauncher.

By using his Final Vent, Zolda can execute his finisher, the End Of World (エンドオブワールド Endo Obu Wārudo), in which Magnugiga appears in front of Zolda and he inserts the Magnuvisor into its back. Magnugiga then deploys all of its weapons, which Zolda fires all at once by pulling the trigger of the Magnuvisor. The resulting barrage destroys both the target and the surrounding environment.

Contract Monster

Main article: Magnugiga


  • Advent Deck - Transformation device and Advent Card holder
  • V Buckle - Transformation belt
  • Advent Cards - Trinkets that enable a Rider to summon Contract Monsters, access equipment, and use special abilities
  • Magnuvisor - Zolda's Visor and personal weapon that enables him to use Advent Cards
  • Typhoon- MidoRider's transformation belt


"(Digital beeping) Zolda!"
―Activation announcement[src]

"Simultaneous Shooting! The green Rider fighting with various heavy weapons is...Zolda! (一斉射撃!様々な重火器で戦う緑のライダーは…ゾルダだ! Issei Shageki! Samazamana jūkaki de tatakau midori no Raidā wa...Zoruda da!)"
―Secondary activation announcement[src]

"(Right-hand Ridewatch's announcement)! Armor Time! (bull bellowing) Advent! Zolda!"
―Transformation announcement in the Ziku-Driver's left-hand slot[src]

"Finish Time! Final Time (Break/Burst)!"
―Finisher announcement in left-hand slot[src]

Zolda Ridewatch (ゾルダライドウォッチ Zoruda Raidowotchi)[2]: Based on Kamen Rider Zolda, this Ridewatch would provide access to the ZoldaArmor. It is dated 2002.


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