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Red alert.jpg WARNING: This series contains scenes of blood, occasional gun violence and character death. Viewer discretion is advised!

For the series' main character, Zi-O, see Sougo Tokiwa.

Kamen Rider Zi-O (仮面ライダージオウ, Kamen Raidā Jiō) is a Japanese tokusatsu drama in Toei Company's Kamen Rider Series. It is the twentieth and final series in the Heisei period run, the first series to be produced around the Reiwa period, and the twenty-ninth series overall. The series started on September 2, 2018, joining Kaitou Sentai Lupinranger VS Keisatsu Sentai PatrangerIcon-crosswiki.png in the Super Hero Time line-up after the finale of Kamen Rider Build. After Lupinranger VS Patranger’s conclusion, it was joined by 4 Week Continuous Special Super Sentai Strongest Battle!!Icon-crosswiki.png in February 2019 and later Kishiryu Sentai RyusoulgerIcon-crosswiki.png in March 2019. After the finale of Zi-O, Ryusoulger would air alongside Kamen Rider Zero-One in the Superhero Time block.

The show tagline is "Go beyond space-time!" (時空を超えろ!, Jikū wo koero!). Much like Kamen Rider Decade, it commemorates all of the Heisei-era Kamen Riders to date.

The motif of this series is time, as nearly every single thing in this series is based on it.

The average rating of the series was 3.0%.


Heisei Kamen Rider 20th Anniversary

"The Heisei Kamen Riders have passed through this era. It's time to pass that power down to the future. Rejoice at the birth of the new king!"
―Opening narration by Rikiya Koyama (episode 1-16).[src]

"Oma's Day! The judgment day marking the end of the Kamen Rider era. Is it the end of history or just the beginning? Choose our future!"
―Opening narration by Rikiya Koyama (episode 17-29)[src]

"The Heisei Kamen Riders have passed through this era. Inheriting all the powers, a new legend is beginning. Rejoice at the birth of the true king!"
―Opening narration by Rikiya Koyama (episode 30-40)[src]

"The Heisei Kamen Riders have passed through this era. With their powers now gathered, the curtain rises upon the final battle. Open the way to the future of the true king!"
―Opening narration by Rikiya Koyama (episode 41-48)[src]

Sougo Tokiwa, a high school student born in the year 2000, has always dreamed of becoming a king when he encounters a mysterious girl named Tsukuyomi, who hails from the future in a desperate effort to alter her dire future. She presents Sougo with an ominous warning "You will become the king of all time, Kamen Rider Zi-O, a demonic king destined to rule the world.”. Sougo takes up the mantle as Kamen Rider Zi-O to stop the Time Jackers from destroying the very fabric of space-time while protecting the legacy of the Heisei Kamen Riders that came before him. During his journey alongside Geiz Myokoin, a Kamen Rider from Tsukuyomi's future, and the mysterious prophet Woz who reminds Sougo of his demonic destiny, they will meet their esteemed predecessors who they must gain their trust and powers from in order to create a new future for the Kamen Riders and mankind itself. This is the story of a Kamen Rider who would be king, who will fight to save the past, present, and future, encountering the various Heisei Kamen Riders throughout space-time.


Kamen Riders

TV Show

Kamen Rider Zi-O Sougo Tokiwa (Other users)
Kamen Rider Geiz Geiz Myokoin (Other users)
Kamen Rider Woz White WozWoz (Other users)
Kamen Rider Tsukuyomi Tsukuyomi
Kamen Rider Ohma Zi-O Ohma Zi-O
Kamen Rider Zi-O (Mirror World) Sougo Tokiwa (Mirror World)
Future Riders
Kamen Rider Shinobi Rentaro Kagura
Kamen Rider Quiz Mondo Douan
Kamen Rider Kikai Rento Makina
Kamen Rider Ginga Kamen Rider Ginga
Legacy Riders
Kamen Rider G3 Shoichi Tsugami (Other users)
Kamen Rider Hibiki Kyosuke Kiriya
Kamen Rider PunchHopper Shun Kageyama (Worm)
Kamen Rider Kabuto Arata Kagami
Another World Riders
Kamen Rider G4 Shiro Mizuki (Another World)
Kamen Rider Rey Takato Shiramine (Another World)
Kamen Rider Dark Ghost Argos (Another World)
Kamen Rider Fuma Kagenari Nagumo (Another World)
Kamen Rider Eternal Katsumi Daido (Another World)
Kamen Rider Woz White Woz (Another World)
Kamen Rider Yuuki Shiro (Another World)
Another Riders
Another Build Unnamed basketball playerHiryu Kakogawa (Other users)
Another Ex-Aid IdaHiryu Kakogawa (Other users)
Another Fourze Ryuichi Sakuma (Other users)
Another Faiz Ryuichi SakumaHiryu Kakogawa (Other users)
Another Wizard Hayase (Other users)
Another OOO Kuroto DanHiryu Kakogawa (Other users)
Another Gaim AsuraHiryu Kakogawa (Other users)
Another Ghost MakimuraHiryu Kakogawa (Other users)
Another Shinobi Rentaro Kagura
Another Quiz Tamotsu Douan
Another Ryuga Dark Shinji
Another Kikai InsectHeure/Insect
Another Zi-O Hiryu Kakogawa
Another Blade Amane Kurihara
Another Agito Unnamed person (Other users)
Another Hibiki Tsutomu Tsuzumiya
Another Kiva Yuko Kitajima
Another Kabuto So Yaguruma
Another Den-O Takuya Endo
Another Zi-O II Hiryu KakogawaDaiki Kaito
Another Double Unnamed person
Another Kuuga Unnamed person
Another Ryuki Unnamed person
Another Drive Paradox Roidmude (Another World)
Another Decade Swartz


Kamen Rider Zi-O Sougo Tokiwa (Over Quartzer)
Kamen Rider Geiz Geiz Myokoin (Over Quartzer)
Kamen Rider Woz Woz (Over Quartzer)
Kamen Rider Woz White Woz (Next Time)
Kamen Rider Hattari Isamichi Konjo
Kamen Rider Barlckxs SOUGO Tokiwa
Kamen Rider Zonjis Kagen
Kamen Rider Zamonas Jogen
Kamen Rider Zero-One Aruto Hiden (Over Quartzer)
Kamen Rider Zi-O Sougo Tokiwa (Robot)
Kamen Rider Zi-O Sougo B
Kamen Rider Zi-O Sougo C
Kamen Rider Zi-O Sougo D
Kamen Rider Zi-O Sougo E
Kamen Rider Zi-O Sougo F
Kamen Rider Ohma Zi-O True Sougo
Legacy Riders
Kamen Rider Scissors Ishihashi
Kamen Rider Tiger Tozuka
Kamen Rider Verde Kimura
Kamen Rider Imperer Ishida
Kamen Rider Abyss Unnamed man
Kamen Rider Odin Unnamed man
Aka‑Rider Unnamed person
Ao‑Rider Unnamed person
Ki‑Rider Unnamed person
Momo‑Rider Unnamed person
Mido‑Rider Unnamed person
Another Riders
Another Den-O Ataru Hisanaga
Another Double Unnamed person
Another Kuuga Tid
Another Ultimate Kuuga Tid/Shingo Hisanaga
Another Ryuki Tatsuya Kano
Unnamed person
Another Hibiki Unnamed ghost
Another Gaim Unnamed ghost
Another Ghost Unnamed ghost
Another Zero-One Will
Another 1 Finis
Another Diend White Woz (Next Time)
Kama-based Rider Unnamed kama-based Rider
Kunai-based Rider Unnamed kunai-based Rider
Sai-based Rider Unnamed sai-based Rider
Bomb-based Rider Unnamed bomb-based Rider


No Rider No Rider
Kamen Rider Barlckxs Hiryu Kakogawa (Over Quartzer)
Kamen Rider Tsukuyomi Tsukuyomi (Over Quartzer)
Kamen Rider Woz Red Woz
Another Riders
Another Rider King
Another Ohma Zi-O Hiryu Kakogawa (Over Quartzer)


Kamen Rider Zi-O Sougo Tokiwa (The Fourth History)
Another Geiz Tsukuyomi (The Fourth History)
Another Tsukuyomi Geiz Myokoin (The Fourth History)
Another Woz Third Woz
Another Ohma Zi-O Inner Sougo
Kamen Rider Zi-OTrinity Sougo Tokiwa & Geiz Myokoin & Tsukuyomi


Futaros Futaros
Kamen Norider Takeshi Kinashi

Returning characters

DenLiner crew

Momotaros Momotaros
Urataros Urataros
Kintaros Kintaros
Ryutaros Ryutaros

Arm Monsters

Garulu Jiro
Basshaa Ramon (transformed only)
Dogga Riki (transformed only)

Amanogawa High School

Daitenku Temple

Dan Foundation

Team Build


Drive Driver Krim Steinbelt
Mashin Chaser Chase

Kamen Riders

Kamen Rider
Kamen Rider 1 Takeshi Hongo
Kamen Rider Kuuga Yusuke Godai (transformed only)
Yusuke Godai (2015 manga)
Kamen Rider Agito Shoichi Tsugami
Kamen Rider Ryuki Shinji Kido
Kamen Rider Ryuga Dark ShinjiDark Shinji/Shinji Kido
Kamen Rider Knight Ren Akiyama
Kamen Rider Zolda Goro Yura
Kamen Rider Raia Miyuki Tezuka
Kamen Rider Gai Jun Shibaura
Kamen Rider Ouja Takeshi Asakura
Kamen Rider Faiz Takumi Inui
Kamen Rider Kaixa Masato Kusaka
Kamen Rider Blade Kazuma Kenzaki
Kamen Rider Chalice Hajime Aikawa
Kamen Rider Hibiki Hitoshi Hidaka (suit/picture only)
Kamen Rider Todoroki Tomizo Todayama
Transformed Kyosuke Kyosuke Kirya
Kamen Rider Kabuto Soji Tendo (stand-in)
Kamen Rider Gatack Arata Kagami
Kamen Rider KickHopper So Yaguruma
The First/The Next
Kamen Rider 1 Takeshi Hongo (suit/voice only)
Kamen Rider 2 Katsuhiko Yano (suit/voice only)
Kamen Rider V3 Shiro Kazami (suit/voice only)
Kamen Rider Den-O Sword Form Ryotaro Nogami/Momotaros
Kamen Rider Den-O Rod Form Ryotaro Nogami/Urataros
Kamen Rider Den-O Ax Form Ryotaro Nogami/Kintaros
Kamen Rider Den-O Gun Form Ryotaro Nogami/Ryutaros
Kamen Rider Den-O Liner Form Ryotaro Nogami (transformed only)
Kamen Rider Zeronos Yuto Sakurai
Kamen Rider Zeronos Vega Form Yuto Sakurai/Deneb
Kamen Rider Kiva Wataru Kurenai (transformed only)
Kamen Rider G Goro (transformed only)
Kamen Rider Decade Tsukasa Kadoya
Kamen Rider Diend Daiki Kaito
Kamen Rider Kuuga Yusuke Onodera
Kamen Rider Kiva-la Natsumi Hikari (suit/voice only)
Kamen Rider Double Philip & Shotaro Hidari (transformed only)
Kamen Rider Accel Ryu Terui
Kamen Rider OOO Eiji Hino
Kamen Rider Birth Shintaro Goto (transformed only)
Akira Date
Kamen Rider Aqua Michal Minato
Kamen Rider Fourze Gentaro Kisaragi (stand-in)
Kamen Rider Wizard Haruto Soma (stand-in)
Kamen Rider Beast Kosuke Nitoh
Kamen Rider Gaim Kouta Kazuraba
Kamen Rider Baron Kaito Kumon
Kamen Rider Zangetsu Takatora Kureshima (transformed only)
Kamen Rider Drive Shinnosuke Tomari (transformed only)
Kamen Rider Mach Go Shijima
Kamen Rider Chaser Chase (flashback only)
Kamen Rider Brain Brain (transformed only)
Kamen Rider Ghost Takeru Tenkuji
Kamen Rider Specter Makoto Fukami
Kamen Rider Amazon Omega Haruka Mizusawa (suit/voice only)
Kamen Rider Amazon Alpha Jin Takayama (suit/voice only)
Kamen Rider Ex-Aid Emu Hojo
Kamen Rider Brave Hiiro Kagami
Kamen Rider Lazer Kiriya Kujo (transformed only)
Kamen Rider Build Sento Kiryu
Kamen Rider Cross-Z Ryuga Banjo
Kamen Rider Grease Kazumi Sawatari
Kamen Rider Rogue Gentoku Himuro
Kamen Rider Evol Evolto (transformed only)
Kamen Rider Zero-One Aruto Hiden
Kamen Rider ZeroZero-One
Kamen Rider Vulcan Isamu Fuwa
Kamen Rider Valkyrie Yua Yaiba
Kamen Rider Jin Jin
Kamen Rider Horobi Horobi
Kamen Rider Ichi-Gata Soreo Hiden
Kamen Rider Saber Touma Kamiyama
Kamen Rider Blades Rintaro Shindo
Kamen Rider Espada Kento Fukamiya
Kamen Rider Buster Ryo Ogami
Kamen Rider Kenzan Ren Akamichi
Kamen Rider Slash Tetsuo Daishinji
Kamen Rider Saikou Yuri
Kamen Rider Sabela Reika Shindai
Kamen Rider Durendal Ryoga Shindai


Time Jackers


Time Shocker


N‑Daguva‑Zeba N·Daguva·Zeba
Utopia Dopant Jun Kazu
Kazari Kazari
Kyoryu Greeed Kiyoto Maki
Sagittarius Zodiarts Mitsuaki Gamou
Scorpion Zodiarts Sarina Sonoda
Virgo Zodiarts Kuniteru Emoto (flashback only)
Phoenix Yugo Fujita (flashback only)
Gremlin Sora Takigawa
Lord Baron Kaito Kumon
Gold Drive Tenjuro Banno (flashback only)
Aranbura Aranbura Bugster (flashback only)
Revol Revol Bugster
Gamedeus Gamedeus


Main article: Kamen Rider Zi-O Episodes

The series is divided into four story arcs:[1]

  • Episode 01-16 - Rider Time, the Demon King of Future (「ライダータイム、未来の魔王」編, Raidā Taimu, Mirai no Maō Hen), this arc introduces most of the main characters and the plot.
  • Episode 17-30 - Trinity Time, Servant and Demon King and Saviour (「トリニティタイム、従者と魔王と救世主」編, Toriniti Taimu, Jūsha to Maō to Kyūseishu Hen), this arc features White Woz who seeks to create GeizRevive, the 3 riders of the future, and the preparation of Oma's Day. It also shows Sougo’s past and how his dreams of becoming king came to be.
  • Episode 31-43 - Grand Time, the New Future (「グランドタイム、新たなる未来」編, Gurando Taimu, Aratanaru Mirai Hen), this arc deals with Tsukuyomi’s past as she regains her memories.
  • Episode 44-49 - End Time, the Destruction and Reborn of the World (「終焉の時、世界の破壊と再生」編, Shūen no Toki, Sekai no Hakai to Saisei), this deals with Swartz’s real plan to become king and Sougo becoming Ohma Zi-O.

Each episode title is written in either katakana or hiragana, and includes the year relevant to that particular episode, which is often the premiere year of the original Legend Rider in the case of tribute episodes. Starting with episode 30, this format is reversed, starting with the year first, then the title. Similar to the previous two Rider series, many episodes still use the English language in most of their parts of the episode’s title, though there are exceptions.

As the show pays tribute to the Heisei period Kamen Riders, each episode title consists of a short phrase related to a particular Heisei Rider series and a year relevant to it.

  1. Kingdom 2068 (キングダム2068, Kingudamu Nisen-rokujūhachi)
  2. Best Match 2017 (ベストマッチ2017, Besuto Matchi Nisen-jūnana)
    • Tribute to Kamen Rider Build.
  3. Doctor Gamer 2018 (ドクターゲーマー2018, Dokutā Gēmā Nisen-jūhachi)
  4. No Continue 2016 (ノーコンティニュー2016, Nō Kontinyū Nisen-jūroku)
    • Tribute to Kamen Rider Ex-Aid.
  5. Switch On! 2011 (スイッチオン!2011, Suitchi On! Nisen-jūichi)
  6. 555・913・2003 (555・913・2003, Faizu Kaiza Nisen-san)
    • Tribute to Kamen Rider Fourze and Kamen Rider 555.
  7. Magic Showtime 2018 (マジック・ショータイム2018, Majikku Shōtaimu Nisen-jūhachi)
  8. Beauty & Beast 2012 (ビューティ&ビースト2012, Byūti & Bīsuto Nisen-jūni)
    • Tribute to Kamen Rider Wizard.
  9. Genm Master 2016 (ゲンムマスター2016, Genmu Masutā Nisen-jūroku)
  10. Hawk, Tiger, and Grasshopper 2010 (タカとトラとバッタ2010, Taka to Tora to Batta Nisen-jū)
    • Tribute to Kamen Rider OOO and Kamen Rider Ex-Aid.
  11. Zi-O On Parade 2018 (ジオウ·オン·パレード2018, Jiō On Parēdo Nisen-jūhachi)
  12. My × My Stage 2013 (オレ×オレのステージ2013, Ore × Ore no Sutēji Nisen-jūsan)
    • Tribute to Kamen Rider Gaim.
  13. Ghost Hunter 2018 (ゴーストハンター2018, Gōsuto Hantā Nisen-jūhachi)
  14. GO! GO! Ghost 2015 (GO!GO!ゴースト2015, GO! GO! Gōsuto Nisen-jūgo)
    • Tribute to Kamen Rider Ghost and Kamen Rider Decade.
  15. Back to 2068 (バック・トゥ・2068, Bakku tu Nisen-rokujūhachi)
  16. Forever King 2018 (フォーエバー・キング2018, Fōebā Kingu Nisen-jūhachi)
  17. Happy New Woz 2019 (ハッピーニューウォズ2019, Happī Nyū Wozu Nisen-jūkyū)
  18. Amazing! Era! Future! 2022 (スゴイ!ジダイ!ミライ!2022, Sugoi! Jidai! Mirai! Nisen-nijūni)
  19. The Quiz Shock 2040 (ザ・クイズショック2040, Za Kuizu Shokku Nisen-yonjū)
  20. Final Answer? 2040 (ファイナルアンサー?2040, Fainaru Ansā? Nisen-yonjū)
  21. Mirror World 2019 (ミラーワールド2019, Mirā Wārudo Nisen-jūkyū)
  22. Zi-O Strongest! 2019 (ジオウサイキョウー!2019, Jiō Saikyō! Nisen-jūkyū)
    • Tribute to Kamen Rider Ryuki and Kamen Rider Ryuki: Episode Final.
  23. It's Kikai! 2121 (キカイだー!2121, Kikai dā! Nisen-hyakunijūichi)
  24. Best Friend 2121 (ベスト・フレンド2121, Besuto Furendo Nisen-hyakunijūichi)
  25. Another Zi-O 2019 (アナザージオウ2019, Anazā Jiō Nisen-jūkyū)
  26. GeizRevive! 2019 (ゲイツリバイブ!2019, Geitsu Ribaibu! Nisen-jūkyū)
  27. The Beginning of Everything 2009 (すべてのはじまり2009, Subete no Hajimari Nisen-kyū)
  28. Our Goal 2019 (おれたちのゴール 2019, Ore-tachi no Gōru Nisen-jūkyū)
  29. Blade Joker!? 2019 (ブレイド・ジョーカー!?2019, Bureido Jōkā?! Nisen-jūkyū)
  30. 2019: Trinity Has Begun! (2019:トリニティはじめました!, Nisen-jūkyū: Toriniti Hajimemashita!)
    • Tribute to Kamen Rider Blade and Kamen Rider Decade.
  31. 2001: Awaken, that Agito! (2001:めざめろ、そのアギト!, Nisen-ichi: Mezamero, Sono Agito!)
  32. 2001: Unknown Memory (2001:アンノウンなキオク, Nisen-ichi: An'nōn'na Kioku)
    • Tribute to Kamen Rider Agito.
  33. 2005: Rejoice! Echo! Roar! (2005:いわえ!ひびけ!とどろけ!, Nisen-go: Iwae! Hibike! Todoroke!)
  34. 2019: Heisei Oni, Reiwa Oni (2019:ヘイセイのオニ、レイワのオニ, Nisen-jūkyū: Heisei no Oni, Reiwa no Oni)
    • Tribute to Kamen Rider Hibiki.
  35. 2008: First Love, Wake Up! (2008:ハツコイ、ウェイクアップ!, Nisen-hachi: Hatsukoi, U~eikuappu!)
  36. 2019: First Love, Finaly! (2019:ハツコイ、ファイナリー!, Nisen-jūkyū: Hatsukoi, Fainarī!)
    • Tribute to Kamen Rider Kiva.
  37. 2006: Next Level Kabuto (2006:ネクスト・レベル・カブト, Nisen-roku: Nekusuto Reberu Kabuto)
  38. 2019: The Chosen Kabuto (2019:カブトにえらばれしもの, Nisen-jūkyū: Kabuto ni Eraba Reshi Mono)
    • Tribute to Kamen Rider Kabuto.
  39. 2007: DenLiner Crash! (2007:デンライナー・クラッシュ!, Nisen-nana: Denrainā Kurasshu!)
  40. 2017: Grand Climax! (2017:グランド・クライマックス!, Nisen-jūnana: Gurando Kuraimakkusu!)
    • Tribute to Kamen Rider Den-O.
  41. 2019: World, Reset (2019:セカイ、リセット, Nisen-jūkyū: Sekai, Risetto)
  42. 2019: Missing World (2019:ミッシング・ワールド, Nisen-jūkyū: Misshingu Wārudo)
  43. 2019: Tsukuyomi Confidential (2019:ツクヨミ・コンフィデンシャル, Nisen-jūkyū: Tsukuyomi Konfidensharu)
  44. 2019: Aqua Calls (2019:アクアのよびごえ, Nisen-jūkyū: Akua no Yobi go e)
  45. 2019: Eternal Party (2019:エターナル・パーティ, Nisen-jūkyū: Etānaru Pāti)
    • Tribute to Kamen Rider Movies and Movie Riders
  46. 2019: Operation Woz (2019:オペレーション・ウォズ, Nisen-jūkyū: Operēshon Wozu)
    • Tribute to Kamen Rider Movies and Movie Riders.
  47. 2019: Vanishing Watches (2019:きえるウォッチ, Nisen-jūkyū: Kieru Wotchi)
  48. 2068: Ohma Time (2068:オーマ・タイム, Nisen-rokujūhachi: Ōma Taimu)
    • Tribute to Kamen Rider Decade and Kamen Rider Drive.
  49. 2019: Apocalypse (2019:アポカリプス, Nisen-jūkyū: Apokaripusu)


  1. Kamen Rider Heisei Generations FOREVER (仮面ライダー平成ジェネレーションズFOREVER, Kamen Raidā Heisei Jenerēshonzu Foebā)
  2. Kamen Rider Zi-O: Over Quartzer (劇場版 仮面ライダージオウ Over Quartzer, Gekijō-ban Kamen Raidā Jiou: Over Quartzer)
    • Tribute to Kamen Rider Drive and the Heisei Era.
  3. Kamen Rider: Reiwa The First Generation (仮面ライダー 令和 ザ・ファースト・ジェネレーション, Kamen Raidā Reiwa Za Fāsuto Jenerēshon)[2]
  4. Kamen Rider Zi-O NEXT TIME: Geiz, Majesty (仮面ライダージオウ NEXT TIME ゲイツ、マジェスティ, Kamen Raidā Jiō Nekusuto Taimu Geitsu Majesutī)
    • Tribute to Secondary Riders.


  1. Kamen Rider Zi-O: Supplementary Plan (仮面ライダージオウ 補完計画, Kamen Raidā Jiō Hokan Keikaku)
  2. Kamen Rider Zi-O: Transformation Lessons (仮面ライダージオウ変身講座, Kamen Raidā Jiō Henshin Kōza)
  3. Heisei Kamen Rider 20 Series: Supplementary Plan (平成仮面ライダー20作補完計画, Heisei Kamen Raidā Nijū'saku Hokan Keikaku)
  4. Kamen Rider Zi-O Spin-off (仮面ライダージオウ スピンオフ, Kamen Raidā Jiō Supin'ofu)
    1. Rider Time: Kamen Rider Shinobi (RIDER TIME 仮面ライダーシノビ, Raidā Taimu: Kamen Raidā Shinobi)
    2. Rider Time: Kamen Rider Ryuki (RIDER TIME 仮面ライダー龍騎, Raidā Taimu: Kamen Raidā Ryūki)
      • Tribute to Kamen Rider Ryuki.
    3. Rider Time: Kamen Rider Decade VS Zi-O -Decade Mansion's Death Game- (RIDER TIME 仮面ライダーディケイド VS ジオウ -ディケイド館のデス・ゲーム-, Raida Taimu: Kamen Raidā Dikeido Tai Ji-Ō -Dikeido-Kan no Desu Gēmu-)
    4. Rider Time: Kamen Rider Zi-O VS Decade -7 of Zi-O!- (RIDER TIME 仮面ライダージオウ VS ディケイド -7人のジオウ!-, Raidā Taimu: Kamen Raidā Ji-Ō Tai Dikeido -Nana-Nin no Ji-Ō-)
  5. Kamen Rider BiBiBi no BibillGeiz (仮面ライダービビビのビビルゲイツ, Kamen Raidā Bibibi no Bibiru Geitsu)


  1. Kamen Rider Zi-O: Special Event (仮面ライダージオウ スペシャルイベント, Kamen Raidā Jiō Supesharu Ibento)
  2. Kamen Rider Zi-O: Final Stage (仮面ライダージオウ ファイナルステージ, Kamen Raidā Jiō Fainaru Sutēji)

Other media


  1. Kamen Rider Zi-O: Ohma Advent Chapter (幪面超人時王【逢魔降世篇】, Mung Min Chiu Yan Si Wong Fung Mo Gong Sai Pin)


Recurring Cast

Guest Stars









Future Riders











Suit Actors


Main article: Kamen Rider Zi-O: Best Song Collection
Opening theme
Insert/Character themes



  • Kamen Rider Zi-O aired on TV Asahi in Japan from September 2, 2018 to August 25, 2019.

Home Video

  • Zi-O was released on four Blu-Ray collections throughout 2019 on March 27, June 12, September 11, and December 4.


  • Following only Kamen Rider Black RX before it, the final Showa era series, Zi-O was broadcast through two eras of Japanese history. However, while Black RX entered the Heisei era with the death of Emperor Hirohito on January 7, 1989, Zi-O entered the new Reiwa era on May 1, 2019, with the scheduled abdication of Emperor Akihito on April 30 in 2019.
  • This season's concept of traveling across time through the previous installments is akin to an idea during the early development stages of Kamen Rider Decade, one of which would've been a "Kamen Rider Den-O 2", using the season's setting go travel across time around each rider's era.[5]
  • This is the first series since Fourze to have the titular rider only appear at the predecessor's summer film while OOO is the first have the transformation device appearing at the predecessor's series only.
  • This is the first series since Kamen Rider Gaim to not have a Blu-Ray miniseries.
  • On Zi-O's official Twitter page, there is an error on the banner that shows Ryuki wearing the Decadriver. This error was fixed as the banner have several Riders covering Ryuki's lower body. However, the image of Ryuki wearing the Decadriver remains on the banner.
    • Incidentally, Decade would appear in the series as well as changing into Ryuki. However, he does not use the original Decadriver and instead uses the Neo Decaderiver.
  • This is the first series since:
    • Ghost to feature secondary writers plotting the episodes.
    • Den-O to not have spring film in production during the series run.
  • The actors of the three Future Riders' are Super Sentai alumni.
    • Interestingly, they all starred in the 2010s Super Sentai series.
      • Although the first two played Sentai Rangers, the third played a Sentai Villain.
    • The fourth Future Rider's (voice) actor also voiced Sentai Monsters of the week.
  • Not counting Rider Troops, this series has the highest number of unnamed identity Riders, being (currently) 38 people.
  • Currently, Kamen Rider Zi-O has the highest number of returning Legend Riders, being 65 at present (including stand-in and suit-only appearances).
    • When including those Legend Riders who did not appear transformed and so are counted as returning allies, this number is further increased to 69.
    • Including the Legacy Riders and Another World Legend Riders further increases the count to 87.
    • Legend Riders in Kamen Rider Decade and Kamen Rider Ex-Aid are not counted since they were merely alternate versions.
    • Zi-O also has the highest number of returning cast from the previous series, with 52 actors, 8 actresses and 8 voice actors (including some who returned but portrayed/voiced new character).
      • Minority unique of Zi-O for returning characters are:
        • Rina Akiyama returned to portray as Mana Kazaya from Kamen Rider Agito.
        • Yuichi Nakamura portrays two characters from two different series. So far, there is no Kamen Rider series to have one actor to portray two different characters from different series (not counting Kohtaro Minami for being a character with two series)
  • Aside from Kamen Rider Heisei Generations FOREVER, the series does not have a tribute episode to both Kamen Rider Kuuga and Kamen Rider W.
    • Although the series feature Katsumi Daido from the W series, no characters from Kuuga have appeared in this series at all.


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