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Red alert.jpg WARNING: This movie contains scenes of blood, gun violence, and nudity. Viewer discretion is advised!

Kamen Rider Zero-One: REAL×TIME (劇場版 仮面ライダーゼロワン REALリアル×TIMEタイム, Gekijō-ban Kamen Raidā Zero-Wan: Riarutaimu) is a Japanese superhero film that serves as the Winter Film adaptation of Kamen Rider Zero-One, double billed with Kamen Rider Saber: The Phoenix Swordsman and the Book of Ruin. In the film, Aruto and his friends fight to defend the world from the villainous S, who launches a worldwide terrorist attack in an attempt to bring forth a new "paradise".

The catchphrase for this film is "60 minutes until the annihilation of all humanity." (全人類全滅まであと60分, Zen jinrui zenmetsu made ato 60-bu)



On March 8, 2020, Kamen Rider Zero-One: The Movie was announced to premiere double-billed alongside Mashin Sentai Kiramager The Movie: Bee-Bop DreamIcon-crosswiki.png on July 23, 2020. However as a result of the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic that delayed the filming of Superhero Time, both films were ultimately postponed.


Because the film only has 60 minutes to tell its story, the production team decided to have the film occur in real time, which the hour in which the viewers are in the theater watching the film, also countdown during the events of the film. The heroes wearing gas masks while fighting the simultaneous terrorist attacks by Syncnet and S is meant to symbolize the contemporary world situation where civilians were encouraged (or required in some countries) to wear face-masks while out in public.

With the COVID-19 pandemic affecting the production of the series, and ultimately pushing the film's original July premiere date to December, plot details such as post-series Azu and Ark-One were revised,[3] and both Naki and Uchuyaro Raiden were added to the film, though their roles were minimized to accommodate for the newly rebuilt Izu as well as Horobi's character development following his redemption. [4] [5]


"If God created this world in 6 days, then I'll destroy it in 60 minutes, and create a paradise." Suddenly, a mysterious man named S/Kamen Rider Eden, accompanied by thousands of believers, appears. Meanwhile, several large-scale terrorist attacks take place worldwide simultaneously. As people one after another fall and the world is in turmoil, Aruto Hiden stands up to stop S while Isamu Fuwa, Yua Yaiba, Gai Amatsu, Jin, and Horobi struggle to learn the truth. What does S, who shows incredible strength, mean to the paradise he is trying to create?

"A mysterious man called S/Kamen Rider Eden has emerged, committing simultaneous acts of terror across the world, with thousands of believers following his faith. While the people fall one by one and the world delves into chaos, Aruto Hiden stands up to stop him. Isamu Fuwa, Yua Yaiba, Gai Amatsu, plus Jin and Horobi of MetsubouJinrai.net also transform into Kamen Riders and fight against the enemy while struggling to seek the truth."
―Official synopsis by Shout! Factory

Continuity and Placement


Kamen Rider Eden, a terrorist calling himself S, causes global panic as he plans to destroy the world with his followers, who are numerous Abaddon Riders. Red gas-like substances in canisters are unleashed worldwide causing people to fall unconscious, but with signs indicating that the victims are still alive. Aruto Hiden, Kamen Rider Zero-One and president of Hiden Intelligence, tries to stop him but is defeated. S takes the Zero-Two Progrisekey and inserts it into his Thousand Jacker on a pedestal. Aruto wakes up in a train station where he finds numerous unconscious bodies but finds one woman awake, Akane Tono.

Meanwhile, AIMS, Isamu Fuwa/Kamen Rider Vulcan, and MetsubouJinrai.net, fight the Abaddon Riders, who release more gas to the public while Gai Amatsu, Kamen Rider Thouser, detains Makio Nodachi who had released ZAIA technology to the enemy. Aruto encounters the victims of the gas in the world he's in; Akane tells him that they're in Hell. Isamu meets with Aruto's humagear secretary, Izu, who connects him with AIMS members Naki and Yua Yaiba, Kamen Rider Valkyrie. Izu reveals that S sent a warning message to Aruto challenging him and Aruto believes that S' Eden Driver is connected to the Ark. He goes to fight S but orders Izu to stay behind, out of fear of losing her again, but tells her to warn the others about the situation.

Izu proceeds to wait for Aruto at the office and Horobi reveals he cannot scan and detect what the Abaddon Riders are. He has Jin hack into their systems but they're caught in a trap that sends a fighter jet after Isamu and Horobi. Isamu transforms and fights the jet while Horobi chases Azu after spotting her. Jin arrives to help Isamu, and announced that the gas are actually AI nanomachines. Yua has Naki analyze the Crowding Hopper Progrisekeys, but they cannot without a password. Jin and Isamu fight the jet, but their fate is cut off.

Gai gets in their communication channel and relays to them his investigation. One of the partners for the creation of the Daybreak Town had specialized in AI nanotechnology for the sake of medicine. Rihito Isshiki, S' identity, was head developer but had died some time prior. Akane tells to Aruto that she worked with Rihito in the development of the nanomachines, but Rihito suddenly changed one day. Horobi tracks down Azu, who reveals Rihito is the next coming of the Ark. She also tells him that during the Daybreak Town Accident, the Ark also hacked into Rihito's nanomachines and that he is actually a collection of nanomachines with his digitized conscious.

Akane tells Aruto that S's plans to destroy the world by creating a Progrisekey capable of doing it and needed Zea's ability to do so hence why he challenged Aruto. They go inside a chapel that has the Thousand Jacker with the Hellrise Progrisekey inserted. Akane attempts to stop S by removing the key but is unable to do so. Aruto promises to stop S and reveals he can leave the digitized world they are in because he's still connected to Zea. Akane asks him to send a message from her to S and Aruto wakes up in the real world. Raiden arrives with Aruto's Rise Hopper and Aruto takes it to S's ritual chamber.

S finishes creating the Hellrise Progrisekey but Aruto arrives in time to fight him, transforming into Metalcluster Hopper. S unleashes a large energy beam down at their tower but Aruto stops the blast in time. The explosion kills the followers outside the tower, though Aruto and S are still alive. S leaves to continue his plan and Aruto follows. Gai continues interrogating Makio, stripping him naked in the process, and finds a case. With the help of other Humagears, Makio reveals the code and Gai finds a modified ZAIA spec.

Makio confesses that S modified it for Thinknet, an underground website for people wanting the world's destruction which S is the admin for. AIMS figures out the password for the Crowding Hopper Progrisekey, while Izu arrives at the destroyed tower and finds the Zero-Two Driver and Progrisekey in the ruins. With the help of Zea, she is able to identify that the disciples are also made of nanomachines. Gai figures out that the Abaddon Riders are actually avatars controlled by real humans who operate them safely in various places. AIMS is able to track down one of the members and uses his modified ZAIA spec to find the serves in order to shut down the nanomachines.

Izu contacts Zea in search of guidance and encounters the old Izu model. The old model tells the Izu to find Aruto and implants her memories into her new self. Horobi finds where the servers are, which is being guarded by Abaddon Riders but is able to defeat them. Meanwhile, the other followers, lead by Behru, find the dead bodies from the tower ruins. Aruto chases down S in the same chapel he and Akane were at. S proceeds to continue with his plan but Aruto is able to take the Hellrise Progrisekey away from him.

He cannot, however, stop it from activating and relunctantly decides to use it to transform in order to stop it, knowing it will kill him afterwards. He transforms into Hellrising Hopper and savagely beats down S. Before he can unleash the final blow, Izu, as Kamen Rider Zero-Two, stops him and reverts him back to normal. Aruto apologizes for trying to sacrifice himself, knowing it would hurt Izu.

Horobi makes it inside Thinknet's server room and finds bio-data of the victims. He also finds that the server is connected to a human brain. He sends what he found to Izu and Aruto realizes that the brain belongs to Akane, Rihito's fiancée. Horobi finds out that Akane was the first test subject for the nanomachines but her nanomachines went out of control due to Ark's hacking and killed her but Rihito later digitized her consciousness. Aruto then deduces S was releasing the gas in order to make the victims inhabitants of her world, creating a paradise for her. Behru then realizes that he and the other disciples had been duped and that S had planned to kill them.

Aruto tells S that she's waiting for him in the other world. With a change of heart, S tries to stop his plans but is shot by Behru. Behru transforms into Kamen Rider Lucifer with the Eden Driver and decides to continue their plan of destroying the world. As more Abaddon Riders arrive at the chapel, Aruto and Izu transform into Kamen Riders Zero-One and Zero-Two respectively. The other Abaddon generals decide to destroy Akane's body in revenge but they are stopped by Horobi, Yua, and Gai. Initially holding them off, they are aided by Isamu and Jin who survived their skirmish. They transform and fight the Abaddon Rider army.

S makes his way to the servers to meet with Akane. He finds her in the chapel wearing her wedding dress. He apologizes for not being able to save her but she tells him it wasn't his fault. The two have their wedding together as Aruto and Izu destroy Behru's Thousand Jacker with their Rider Kicks. All the Abaddons are then deactivated and the servers of Thinknet are blown up.

The gas has also been deactivated worldwide and the victims of the attack have woken up. All the Riders go their separate ways and Aruto reveals to Izu that Akane wanted him to tell Rihito that she was doing alright. The two leave the chapel as Aruto tells Izu another joke.


Kamen Riders

Kamen Rider Zero-One Aruto Hiden
Kamen Rider Zero-Two Aruto HidenIzu
Kamen Rider Vulcan Isamu Fuwa
Kamen Rider Valkyrie Yua Yaiba
Kamen Rider Jin Jin
Kamen Rider Horobi Horobi
Kamen Rider Thouser Gai Amatsu


Hiden Intelligence






Kamen Rider Eden Rihito Isshiki
Kamen Rider Abaddon Behru Behru
Kamen Rider Lucifer
Kamen Rider Abaddon Mua Mua
Kamen Rider Abaddon Lugo Lugo
Kamen Rider Abaddon Buga Buga
Kamen Rider Abaddon Takuji Maeda (Other users)


Guest Cast

Suit Actors[10]

Forms and Collectibles Used


  • Keys Used:
    • Zero-One
      • Rising Hopper (attempted, failed), MetalCluster Hopper, Hellrise, Rising Hopper (Realize Ver.)
    • Zero-Two
      • Aruto
        • Zero-Two
      • Izu
        • Zero-Two
    • Vulcan
      • Shooting Wolf, Punching Kong, Rampage Gatling
    • Valkyrie
      • Rushing Cheetah, Lightning Hornet
    • Jin
      • Burning Falcon
    • Horobi
      • Sting Scorpion
    • Thouser
      • Amazing Caucasus
    • Abaddon
      • Crowding Hopper
    • Eden
      • Zero-Two (in Thousand Jacker), Hellrise (in Thousand Jacker)
    • Lucifer
      • Hellrise (in Thousand Jacker)
  • Forms Used:
    • Zero-One
      • MetalCluster Hopper, Hellrising Hopper, Realizing Hopper
    • Vulcan
      • Shooting Wolf, Punching Kong, RampageVulcan
    • Valkyrie
      • Rushing Cheetah, Lightning Hornet
    • Jin
      • Burning Falcon
    • Horobi
      • Sting Scorpion
    • Abaddon
      • Crowding Hopper


  • Key Used:
    • Thouser
      • Awaking Arsino
    • Eden
      • Eden
    • Lucifer
      • Eden


The film's theme song is A.I. ∴ All Imagination, performed by J and Takanori Nishikawa.[14]


After Kamen Rider Eden made a short appearance in the the final episode. it was announced that he would appear as the main antagonist in the following winter film, which would detach its double-billing with Kiramager's film as the latter was pushed into the following spring of 2021. On September 12, 2020, Toei revealed Hellrising Hopper, a movie-exclusive form for Zero-One that would appear in the film. The October issue of Televi-kun revealed production images and some plot details for the film. In November, along with the announcement of additional cast members for both films, both J and Nishikawa were confirmed to return to sing the film's ending theme song.

In the coming months, the film was announced to premiere double-bill with Kamen Rider Saber: The Phoenix Swordsman and the Book of Ruin in the marketing campaign titled Kamen Rider Splendid Double-Feature (仮面ライダー 超豪華2本立て, Kamen Raidā Chōgōkai ni-hondate). Ticket pre-sales began on November 8, 2020, with online purchases including digital downloads of episodes of both Zero-One's anime and Saber's anime.


  • After being delayed from its original release date of July 23, 2020 to prevent the spread of COVID-19, the film was released on December 18, 2020.[15][16]

  • The film was released on DVD and Blu-Ray in both Standard Edition and Collector's Pack editions on April 21, 2021.
    • The Bly-Ray Collector's Pack Deluxe Edition includes additional features such as a storyboard book as well as a CD including all music used in the film.

  • This film double billed with the Saber movie was distributed and released in Hong Kong by Neofilms HK on April 15, 2021 with Japanese audio and Chinese Subtitles, along with a Cantonese dub.
  • This film double billed with the Saber movie was distributed and released by Muse Communications on April 16, 2021 with Japanese audio and Chinese Subtitles, along with a Taiwanese Mandarin dub.
  • The film was made available to stream in Mainland China's VOD-service Tencent Video on June 16, 2021 with both Chinese dub, and Japanese audio w/ Chinese subs options given. The Chinese dub version also had a special theatrical release on September 25, 2021.

  • On October 8, 2021, Shout! Factory announced their acquisition of Zero-One for North American distribution and was to release the film alongside the series for streaming at TokuSHOUTsu beginning January 22, 2022[17]. However due to popular demand, the release occurred a month earlier on December 24, 2021,[18].
    • The series and the film was also released on Blu-Ray on January 25, 2022, with pre-orders from the official website bundled with an exclusive poster.[19][20]
  • A screening of REAL×TIME was held exclusively at San Diego Comic Con on November 27, 2021, and event-goers were able to participate in a giveway of several Kamen Rider merchandise along with a Q&A and announcements panel with staff from Shout! Factory and Team Rider.[21]


The belt does not wrap around Jin.

The key misses the ShotRiser.

  • When Lugo and Buga use their finishers together, the announcements for the belts mode finishers are played despite them using their Abaddorisers in their weapon modes. The same happened when Valkyrie was using her Lightning Blast.
  • During the sequence where Izu links herself to Zea, her eyes are brown due to her actress, Noa Tsurushima, not wearing blue contacts.
  • There are several errors in the five-Rider transformation scene:
    • When Jin equips the Slashriser, one side of the belt strap gets pinned against his body rather than wrapping around his waist.
    • Because Igeta is wearing a fidget spinner on her finger to spin the Rushing Cheetah key, she cannot flip the key over. This is visibly shown as she intentionally misses the ShotRiser's insertion slot, while the front of the key is facing her.
    • Valkyrie is suddenly standing behind and further away from the other four Riders right as the transformation completes.
  • Rampage Power Blast's caption color is blue instead of red.
  • When Jin uses his Burning Rain Rush, the Slash Abbadoriser's finisher loop is played instead of the Slashriser's.
  • Throughout the film, when Progrisekeys are activated, an additional activation noise is heard alongside the usual voiced announcement. This sound is unique to this film and is not found in the TV series nor the later Zero-One Others movies.


  • Count at movie end
    • Progrisekeys in Zero-One/Zero-Two's possession: Rising Hopper, Biting Shark, Flying Falcon, Flaming Tiger, Freezing Bear, Breaking Mammoth, Shining Hopper, Hopping Kangaroo, MetalCluster Hopper, Zero-Two
    • Progrisekeys in Vulcan's possession: Shooting Wolf, Punching Kong, Gatling Hedgehog, Trapping Spider, Assault Wolf, Rampage Gatling
    • Progrisekeys in Valkyrie's possession: Rushing Cheetah, Lightning Hornet, Fighting Jackal
    • Progrisekeys in Jin's possession: Burning Falcon
    • Progrisekeys in Horobi's possession: Sting Scorpion
    • Progrisekeys in Thouser's possession: Amazing Caucasus, Sparking Giraffe, Crushing Buffalo, Exciting Stag, Splashing Whale, Dynamaiting Lion, Storming Penguin, Scouting Panda
    • Zetsumerisekeys in Ikazuchi's possession: Dodo
    • Zetsumerisekeys in Naki's possession: Japanese Wolf
    • Zetsumerisekeys in Thouser's possession: Awaking Arsino, Berotha, Kuehne, Ekal, Neohi, Onycho, Vicarya, Gaeru, Mammoth, Arsino

Naito on the set of REAL×TIME

  • This is the first Winter Film to not serve as a crossover with the current season, but rather a double-billed film releasing alongside the aforementioned season's theatrical movie. Zero-One's summer movie was pushed to December as a result, as well being double-billed with Saber's winter movie instead, with Kiramager's Summer Film being pushed to February 2021. While no Movie War between Zero-One and Saber was ever produced, both characters (with Takahashi and Naito reprising their roles) would officially meet for the first time in Saber + Zenkaiger: Superhero SenkiIcon-crosswiki.png.
    • On a related note, Syuichiro Naito did visit the set of the film to congratulate Takahashi after filming had wrapped.[22]
  • The scenes that take place inside Hiden Intelligence were filmed before filming on the TV series had ended, due to the location being need for the film as the set was to be immediately dismantled after filming had wrapped.[23]


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