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Original Kamen Rider Wiseman

Second Kamen Rider Wiseman

Kamen Rider Wiseman (仮面ライダーワイズマン Kamen Raidā Waizuman), commonly known as the White Wizard (白い魔法使い Shiroi Mahōtsukai), may refer to any of the following characters:


It was in the form of White Wizard that Fueki approached Haruto Soma in the aftermath of the Sabbath, saving him from the newborn Phantom Lizardman. Entrusting him with the unconscious Koyomi, Fueki provided Haruto with the Wizardriver and Wizard Ring, instructing him to defeat the Phantoms. I Want to Be a Magician

As White Wizard, Fueki observed Haruto's first transformation into Flame Dragon, noting that he had "evolved". Dragon's Cry

White Wizard next used his PlaMonster, Black Cerberus, to lure Koyomi to the lair of Wiseman, where she found the blue Magic Stone that he himself had produced as Carbuncle. This stone would be used to create the Water Dragon Ring. The Film Director Came Back

White Wizard personally intervened to retrieve Wizard when he, along with Beast, were on the brink of being defeated by the Beelzebub Phantom. Countering Beelzebub's ability to generate portals ability with the Explosion Ring, White Wizard quickly warded him off. Claiming Haruto, White Wizard was challenged by Beast only to use the Teleport Ring to take his leave but not before threatening the "ancient magician". In his altar, White Wizard taught Haruto about his power, revealing him that they can create something from the Dragon, the source of Haruto's power, but with a risk of killing Haruto in the process. He observed Haruto withstand attacks from the Wizardragon, and explained to him the purpose of the Drago Timer, something he claimed was created from Haruto's mana, not the Dragon's. The Dragons' Wild Dance Soon after, White Wizard observed Wizard using the Drago Timer to unite all four Dragon Styles into the form of All Dragon, observing that he was now "complete". The Decisive Battle

When Mayu Inamori successfully supressed her inner Phantom despite being forced into despair by Medusa, White Wizard appeared and, after quickly forcing Medusa back, offered Mayu the opportunity to become a wizard and avenge her family. Accepting his offer, Mayu was spirited away by White Wizard. Big Sister and Little Sister

Seeing that Haruto had accessed the unexpected form of Infinity Style, White Wizard voiced that he had become a "nuisance". Tears

When the Violet Golem provided Haruto with the Eclipse Ring, Fueki had Black Cerberus reclaim it for him. Appearing before Haruto, it was at this point that Fueki transformed into White Wizard, revealing his identity. What was Forgotten on the Pitch

Kamen Rider Wiseman

Kamen Rider Wiseman

Kamen Rider Wiseman

Kamen Rider Wiseman

"Change, Now!"
―Transformation announcement[src]

Riser Statistics (Sou Fueki)

  • Height: 208 cm
  • Weight: 85 kg[1]

Ability Parameters

  • Punching Power: 7.4 t
  • Kicking Power: 9.3 t
  • Maximum Jump Height: 30 m
  • Maximum Running Speed: 100 m per 4.7 seconds

Kamen Rider Wiseman is composed of the following parts:

  • Reflection Hood (リフレクションフード Rifurekushon Fūdo) - The hooded helmet.
  • Noble Gown (ノーブルガウン Nōburu Gaun) - The white and gold upper chest and shoulder armor. It is crafted out of sorcerium (ソーサリウム sōsariumu), a magical metal.
  • Deep Pail (ディープペイル Dīpu Peiru) - The golden segment on the middle of the Noble Gown. It has metal magical equipment with spells inside.
  • Elemental Cape (エレメンタルケープ Erementaru Kēpu) - The cape piece. It is a magical garment that specializes in preventing magical attacks. Additionally, it can absorb magical power to strengthen itself.
  • Lung Chains (ラングチェイン Rangu Chein) - The metal chains that have rings on them.
  • Orb Sleeves (オーブスリーブ Ōbu Surību) - The black and gold magic power amplification devices located on the wrist areas. They are made out of a transparent crystal called Druid Crystal (ドルイドクリスタル Doruido Kurisutaru), a material that is 10 times harder than diamond. It's black coloring is due to it being imbued with Wiseman's power.
  • Twas On Gloves (トワゾングローブ Towaz On Gurōbu) - The hands. It is a type of magical garment that has been formed out of magical power, similar to the Bright Robe. It not only protects against external attacks but protects the user against the enormous amounts of power that is generated when using magic spells.
  • Bright Robe (ブライトローブ Buraito Rōbu) - The longcoat. It is a magical garment that is formed by magical power. It diffuses any impact to reduce damage to the wearer.
  • Kneepad Frets (ニーパッドフレット Nīpaddo Furetto) - The kneepads. They have been knitted with magical power, and this combined with its multiple layers, allows Wizard to absorb impacts of objects speeding up to 200km/h.
  • Obre Guards (オーブレガード Ōbure Gādo) - The black and gold magic power amplification devices located at the ankle areas. They are made out of a transparent crystal called Druid Crystal, a material that is 10 times harder than diamond. It's black coloring is due to it being imbued with Wiseman's power.
  • Cloud Boots (クラウドブーツ Kuraudo Būtsu) - The feet. They increase Wiseman's leg strength. it can harden its exterior by applying magical power, allowing it to become more resistant against impacts, strengthening kicking and jumping power.

Appearances: Wizard Episodes 2, 9, 14, 21, 23, 27, 31, 39, 41, 43, 46-50, Legendary! Riders' Souls! (OOO, Wizard)




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