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Discord a free and easy-to-use multipurpose chat application which runs on PCs and mobile devices. It can be downloaded from this link. As part of our efforts into bringing editors closer together to facilitate better communication, the Tokupedia Hub has launched its very own Discord server! Feel free to join in!

The Tokupedia Discord server can be accessed via the following invite link:

Server rules

Please observe the following rules when you are in this server:

  1. Be civil. Please treat all members of this server with respect, including all moderators as well as administrators. Do not ignore any of the mods or admins.
  2. Spamming and/or trolling on any of the server channels is not allowed. Also, keep all discussions to their relevant channels.
  3. The Tokupedia hub is an English-speaking server, so all members must be able to converse in English.
  4. Hate speech and/or discrimination towards anyone is not allowed.
  5. Keep NSFW content away from this server as much as possible. Which means, no nudity, graphic content, or any other content which anyone would find uncomfortable.
  6. All spoilers should go to only the #toku-spoilers channel.
  7. Do not cause any unnecessary arguments or drama here.
  8. Do not ping any user or role for no reason. Also, no abuse of @here or @everyone mentions as well.
  9. If you are banned from this server, creating another account to evade the ban (aka sockpuppetry) is forbidden.
  10. Personal attacks towards a user, admin, or to the Hub in general are NOT ALLOWED. This also includes raiding this very server itself.

Please note that the admins have the right to ban anyone in violation of the rules above. If you suspect someone to have broken a rule, please report them in the #user-reports channel. Your report will be reviewed and subsequent action will be taken where necessary.