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Kamen Rider V3 vs. Destron Mutants (仮面ライダーV3対デストロン怪人, Kamen Raidā Bui Suri tai Desutoron Kaijin) is the second movie based off the Kamen Rider Series, Kamen Rider V3. Unlike the previous Kamen Rider V3 film, it is an original work and not based on an episode.


A physicist named Tetsuo Okita discovers a new mineral called "Satanium," which is more powerful than uranium and emits destructive effects to anyone exposed to it. However, Destron abducts Okita in hopes of finding the source of Satanium and collecting more of it to expedite their run for global domination. Kamen Rider V3 must act fast in rescuing Professor Okita and preventing Destron from collecting more of the deadly mineral.


The film opens on a cruise ship called The Sunflower carrying atomic physics professor Tetsuo Okita, who had discovered a new isotope element called Satanium in the Shikoku mountains, an element several hundreds of times more powerful and radioactive than uranium. Professor Okita is concerned about how dangerous the element is if a large quantity is collected. In a flashback, Okita used a giger counter in the mountains to survey the area and collect a sample for study. The professor is so concerned about what a dangerous element Satanium is that he considers abandoning his research. His thoughts are interrupted by an agent of Destron, who stalks Okita and stops him when he tries to throw the isotope overboard to get rid of it. The agent then kidnaps Professor Okita to learn the location of the Satanium mineral deposit so Destron can conquer the world with the element.

Tobei Tachibana reads the paper, with the headline being the disappearance of Professor Tetsuo Okita. Shiro arrives and Junko receives radio transmissions from the Maritime Safety Agency about their search for the professor, Okita’s jacket was found off the coast of Katsura in Kyoto. Upon heading there to investigate, Tobei and Shiro disguise themselves as fishermen on the water and observe the islands for possible clues. They then find a small island with Destron Combatmen on guard, giving away the location of Destron’s latest hidden base. Shiro sneaks his way towards the island by scuba diving while Tobei move his boat away from sight.

In the base, Doctor G orders his Destron Scientists to begin testing the Satanium. Professor Okita tries to stop them but is restrained and put in a cell. The test puts the Satanium in a room with three prisoners as guinea pigs. One prisoner is exposed to extremely high levels of radiation, his cells grow tumors and then his body melts away, leaving a dead skeleton on the floor. The other subjects are also brutally killed by the Satanium’s radiation and it is then placed back in its containment room. Doctor G is pleased with the results, desiring more of the mineral so that Destron can rule the world. The Great Leader inquires to Doctor G if Professor Okita has revealed to them the location of the mineral deposits, but the latter says that the professor will not talk but he soon will.

A Destron Combatman sounds the alarm that they have an intruder that has broken in, revealing Shiro is inside. Doctor G orders the prisoners to quickly be killed and to abandon the island base, rigging it to self destruct. Shiro fights several Combatmen and then several revived Destron kaijin who inform Shiro that the prisoners are all dead. Enraged, Shiro transforms into V3 and pummels the kaijin forces while Destron tries to take Professor Okita away with them, but V3 rescues him and escapes before the island explodes.

Professor Okita explains his situation to Shiro and Tobei and that his sister has the map to the location of the Satanium vein. Before Shiro and Tobei can head out to Shikoku to the hotel she works in, they fall under attack by cannon shells and Professor Okita is mortally injured in one of the blasts. Okita begs Shiro to protect his sister Hiroko and shows a photo of her before dying from his injuries. The pair then come face to face with the assassin; Taiho Buffalo. Shiro tries to engage the new cyborg but he can’t find an opening window to transform or get close enough due to Taiho Buffalo’s cannon fire and is knocked out by one of the blasts. Tobei cannot find Shiro and decides to aid Hiroko with Junko and Shigeru, watching her perform at work as her bodyguards. When Destron’s forces arrive to abduct Hiroko, Shiro dramatically reappears and tries to escort Hiroko to safety only to run into a revived Guillotine Zaurus. Tobei rescues Hiroko and both get away while Shiro as V3 fights Destron’s forces. Zarus is defeated again by V3’s Return Kick.

Back at the Tachibana Racing Club, Hiroko grieves for her brother and reveals that the map is hidden in Kochi castle. Unbeknownst to them, Destron planted a listening device and now also know the location of the map.

Upon arrival, Hiroko is met by her younger brother Masao, who is unaware of his elder brother’s death. He is also a member of the Boys Kamen Rider Squad. Shiro stays behind while the others head into the castle. The map is found behind a wooden beam on the ceiling at the top floor but Poison Needle Spider steals the map and takes Masao hostage. V3 arrives and rescues him but Poison Needle Spider escapes. V3 uses his V3 Hopper drone to locate his getaway car and chases him down on the Hurricane to a construction site. But it turned out to be a trap as the car was remote controlled and had a small bomb in it, which V3 avoids. V3 them is bombarded by Taiho Buffalo’s cannons, with Doctor G gloating and ordering his subordinate to continue his attack. V3 is hit and Doctor G marches his forces to the vein to claim the Satanium in triumph. But his celebration is short lived as the Double Riders appear, having arrived from Australia to plan an attack on Destron. V3 is revealed to be alive and the Triple Riders engage a kaijin reinforcement army. Poison Needle Spider is destroyed and the ensuing fight results in Taiho Buffalo bombarding the battlefield and wiping out his comrades but the Riders surviving the attack. Taiho Buffalo is then attacked and destroyed by a coordinated Rider Double Kick followed by the V3 Kick. Doctor G curses the Triple Riders and retreats empty handed.

On the Sunflower, Hiroko and Masao are enjoying a vacation with the Racing Club. Tobei asks Shiro where Takeshi and Hayato are and Shiro tells him that they had to go back to Australia to deal with Destron’s operations there. He reassured Tobei that they will see them again someday. Tobei wonders if that day is when the world will be at peace. Shiro then quietly walks to look out at the sea somberly as the credits roll.


Kamen Riders

Kamen Rider V3 Shiro Kazami
Kamen Rider 1 Takeshi Hongo
Kamen Rider 2 Hayato Ichimonji



Destron Kaijin

  • Taiho Buffalo (タイホウバッファロー, Taihō Baffarō, movie) - A buffalo monster with cannons on its shoulders. Destroyed by Kamen Rider #1 and #2's Rider Double Kick and V3's V3 Kick.
  • Revived Kaijin


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