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Icon-v3.png This article is about a video game in Kamen Rider V3.
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Kamen Rider V3 is a 2D Fighting game, developed by Kaze and published by Bandai Namco featuring the eponymous hero from the series of the same name which was released in Japan in 2000.

Game Modes

  • Story mode
  • 1P Battle Mode
  • 2P Battle Mode
  • Team Battle
  • Survival Mode
  • Fight the Destron Army
  • Destroy the Barrel
  • Card Collection
  • Option
  • Gallery

Story Mode

In Story Mode player must defeat 6 Destron Combatmen until the number bar reaches to 0 or other combatmen will appear before facing Destron Kaijin, with exceptions on some episodes in which the player only needs to defeat the enemy.

  • V3 Story: 10 Episodes
  • Riderman Story (Unlocked by completing V3 Story): 5 Episodes
  • Kamen Rider 1 Story (Unlocked by completing Riderman Story): 2 Episodes
  • Kamen Rider 2 Story (Unlocked by completing Riderman Story): 2 Episodes


Kamen Rider V3 features some characters from original Kamen Rider V3 series.

Playable Characters

Pre-Transformation Post-Transformation
Shiro Kazami Kamen Rider V3
Priest Hasami Jaguar
Black Hooded Destron Men Kame Bazooka
Black Hooded Destron Men Jishaku Inoshishi
Black Hooded Destron Men Gama Boiler
Doctor G Kani Laser
Witch Smilodon Genshi Tiger
Archbishop Tsubasa Sibito Koumori
Black Hooded Destron Men Kamakubikame
Destron Combatmen Great Leader of Destron's Bodyguards
Black Santa Claus Sai Tank
General Yoroi Zarigarna
Great Leader of Destron Great Leader of Destron
Takeshi Hongo Kamen Rider 1
Hayato Ichimonji Kamen Rider 2
Joji Yuki Riderman
Junko Tama Tobei Tachibana

Voice Actors

Theme songs

Opening themes
Ending themes
  • "Hashire Hurricane" (走れハリケーン, Hashire Harikēn)
    • Lyrics: Sukeo Nōmi
    • Composition & Arrangement: Shunsuke Kikuchi
    • Artist: Masato Shimon and the Columbia Yurikago-Kai


  • Baron Kiba is the only Destron Commander who did not appear in this game.
  • Riderman's Rope Arm always targets enemy legs.
  • The Great Leader of Destron is equipped with a scythe, while in the TV series he doesn't have any weapons and can't perform any attacks.
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