This article is about a/an rider in Kamen Rider SD.
This article refers to Super-1 from Kamen Rider SD. For the original from Kamen Rider Super-1, see Kazuya Oki.

Super-1: A newer Kamen Rider made for outer space exploration purposes. His multiple hands ability is used in the movie when he uses the Blue Lightning hand against Kumo-Otoko. Aside from that, he mostly spends the movie in the background along with Kamen Rider X. He rides around in the V-jet.

Video Game appearances

Kamen Rider SD: Sortie!! Rider Machines

The SD Kamen Rider Super-1 is playable in the sidescrolling vehicular combat video game, Kamen Rider SD: Sortie!! Rider Machines.
Super-1 SD Rider Machine

Kamen Rider Super-1 in Sortie!! Rider Machines!


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