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After a brief data file on ZX's Impact Bombs, the story resumes right where it left off in the previous chapter with Rumi frantically looking for Ryo. Dr. Kaido is following behind with a broken shoulder, trying to stop her as for some reason he does not want her to see Ryo as ZX. Rumi is upset thinking that she has to find him... even Badan has already taken him.

Back at the shrine, Needle as Yamaarashiroid vow to claim ZX's soul and kill him. He says that up until this point Ambassador Darkness has tolerated the failures of his command of Badan, but now Needle is paranoid and thinks he will be eliminated. He thinks that if he kills ZX, he will become a god and avoid being punished, then Ambassador Darkness will be forced to serve under him. Needle then fires his quills and ZX runs to try and evade them as he advances toward the evil kaijin. A needle quill gets too close to ZX, who grabs it and tries to push it away as Needle holds it like a spear. The quill gets near ZX's eye, as Needle laughs and tells his foe that once his quills get into ZX's body, they cannot be pulled out and must run through him to come out. Needle praises Badan but then screams in anger that he does not understand why Badan "chose" ZX. ZX quickly moves to the right, causing Needle to jab his quill into the ground, then ZX uses his ZX Punch, but misses as Needle dodges it. Needle then lands behind ZX and cuts him in the neck with his quill. ZX cries in pain and admits that actually hurts. Needle thinks he is weird for seeming to enjoy being hurt as he continues his attack. ZX dodges, but then gets impaled in the adam's apple and pinned down, but rallies his spirit after remembering his moment of humanity and executes a reversal technique and detonates an Impact Bomb at close range by kneeing Needle in the chest. The explosion attracts the attention of people as Needle struggles to get up, de-transformed and with burns on his body. Ryo stands near him with the large quill still embedded in his neck, then rips it out and leers at Needle. Needle gets enrages that ZX still lives and he failed, attempting to get up and fight again. However, both of them stop as they her a presence, only to turn around and see...Eisuke Mikage is alive and watching them in the crowd!


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