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The Reiwa Kamen Rider Series (令和仮面ライダーシリーズ Reiwa Kamen Raidā Shirīzu) is the third and future production era of the Kamen Rider Series. It refers to Reiwa (令和), the current period in Japan after the Heisei period. The Reiwa era started on May 1, 2019, the first day after the abdication of the reigning Emperor, Akihito. His son, Naruhito, succeeded to the throne. In accordance with Japanese customs, Akihito will be renamed "Emperor Heisei" upon his death.

The Reiwa era will start with Zi-O's successor, Kamen Rider Zero-One, which will premiere at an unknown date.[1][2]

Reiwa trends

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Kamen Rider in the Reiwa era

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