This article is about a/an rider form used by several identities in the Kamen Rider Series.
Kamen Rider Sasword

Kamen Rider Sasword

Kamen Rider Sasword (仮面ライダーサソード Kamen Raidā Sasōdo, Masked Rider Sasword) is a Rider with a motif of a flat rock scorpion. The user of this system may refer to any the following characters.

Beast Rider Squad

A fake Kamen Rider Sasword was part of a quartet of holographic Kamen Riders recreated by Foundation X to form the Beast Rider Squad led by the revived Takeshi Asakura. Sasword was defeated alongside Beast by Kamen Rider Brave Safari Quest Gamer Level 4, having been used as a shield by Ouja. Kamen Rider Brave: ~Let's Survive! Revival of the Beast Rider Squad!~

Rider Cards

Kamen Ride Sasword

KamenRide: Sasword