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Kamen Rider Saga

Kamen Rider Saga (仮面ライダーサガ Kamen Raidā Saga, Masked Rider Saga) may refer to any of the following characters.

Kamen Rider Saga


Kamen Rider Saga

―Sagarc's Transformation announcement[src]


  • Rider height: 205 cm[1]
  • Rider weight: 110 kg[1]
  • Ability perameters
    • Punching power: 12 t[1]
    • Kicking power: 35 t[1]
    • Finisher Power (Snaking Death-Break): 40 t[1]
    • Maximum jump height: 90 m[1]
    • Maximum running speed: 100 m/2 s[1]

Saga's only form is accessed by inserting the Jacorder (ジャコーダー Jakōdā) into Sagarc after the Sagarc Belt is formed. Taiga usually reserves the ability to transform into Kamen Rider Saga for occasions when he, as King of the Checkmate 4, must execute a Fangire who has been deemed guilty of helping humanity.

The Jacorder also doubles as Saga's primary, and only, weapon. In battle, it has two modes, the rapier-like Rod Mode (ロッドモード Roddo Mōdo) and the whip-like Bute Mode (ビュートモード Byūto Mōdo). Saga also uses the Jacorder, in conjunction with his Wake Up Fuestles to perform his Snaking Death-break (スネーキングデスブレイク Sunēkingu Desubureiku) finishing attack, where he impales the target with the Jacorder in whip mode, and hangs them until they are destroyed.

The Saga armor, also known as the "Armor of Fate" were created by the Knight and Pawn, 2 brothers who also created the Kiva and Dark Kiva armors. A small golem Sagarc was created to control the armor and act as its transformation device. The first Fangire King wore the Saga armor and struck fear in the hearts of the demon races.[2]

Taiga would later discard Sagarc, and his power as Saga, to partner with Kivat-Bat the 2nd and gain the power of Dark Kiva.

Kamen Rider Saga has the following parts:

  • Saga Persona (サガ・ペルソナ Saga Perusona) - Saga's helmet that has a King's Crown design on the head. It is the base of Kiva's Persona and shares several parts with it. As it is the precursor of Kiva, the Fangire-like Eternal Glass design attracts attention. The defense and intelligence gathering capabilites are the same as Kiva's.
    • Dark Lens (ダークレンズ Dāku Renzu) - Huge eyes that improve visual acuity. Saga can get visual information with 200 degree viewing angle and 300 meters away. It can also see through solid objects that contributes to finding enemy weaknesses, and allows Saga to attack their weakpoints with a special attack.
    • Wild Nose (ワイルドノーズ Wairudo Nōzu) - An olfactory amplifying device that enhances the sense of smell to be 1 million times than that of a human. Footprints of escaped Fangire can be track by detecting their scent. Parts are similar to Kiva's.
    • Viper Frame (バイパーフレーム Baipā Furēmu) - The reinforced frame of the helmet with the motif of a snake. It is made of Lucifer Metal, and protects the wearer's head. The nanomachines inside fixes damaged areas of the Persona.
    • Viper Crusher (バイパークラッシャー Baipā Kurasshā) - Metal fangs made of sharpened Lucfer Metal. It has a bite force of 1.2t and can chew through a steel ball that's 8cm in diameter. An air purifier inside purifies toxins and allows breathing even in a vacuum. Parts are similar to Kiva's.
    • King's Crown (キングスクラウン Kingusu Kuraun) - The crown is made of the magical "Fang Stone", its design indicating it as an armor made for a king. Its hardness is comparable to a diamond and it can boost power similar to the Demon Emperor Stone. Alongside the red Demon Emperor Stone, they work together to maximize Saga's power.
    • Forbidden Fruit (Demon Emperor Stone/ Red) (禁断の実(魔皇石/紅) Kindan No Mi (Ma Ō Ishi/ Kurenai)) - The gemstone mounted on Saga Chakra is the first discovered gemstone called "Forbidden Fruit". By harmonizing with the King's Crown, it can draw out the dormant power within Taiga Noboori and amplify them. The Lucifer Metal frame disperses the surplus energy and protects the body.
    • Eternal Glass (エターナルグラス Etānaru Gurasu) - The stained glass-like structure that resembles the body structure of Fangires. The Eternal Lung on the chest store the power released from Taiga Noboori's body. They supply energy necessary to sustain life and protect the user.
    • Dark Phone (ダークフォン Dāku Fon) - The "ears". The sensitivity can be adjusted according to the wearer's will, with it in its highest sensitivity allowing the wearer to hear the sound of a needle dropping from 2km away.
  • Jet Black Demon Emperor Stone (漆黒の魔皇石 Shikkoku No Ma Ō Ishi) - The most precious of the Demon Emperor Stones, this one can amplify power equivalent to that of the three Demon Emperor Stones in Kiva's Hell's Gate. This stone is only inherited by the king of the Fangire.
  • Eternal Lung (エターナルラング Etānaru Rangu) - The stained glass chestplate that resembles the body structure of the Fangire. It stores the power released from Taiga Noboori's body and supply energy necessary to sustain life and protect the user.
  • Viper Collar (バイパーカラー Baipā Karā) - Lucifer metal collar armor that protects the chest and head. Lucifer gold is coated on the inside of the collar to amplify power. It creates an invisble barrier to protect the upper body.
  • Doran Mail (ドランメイル Doran Meiru) - The undersuit. It is made from GaoraDoran leather. It protects the wearer against extreme weather conditions.
  • BaroQueing Armor (バロッキングアーマー Barok Kingu Āmā) - The shoulder armor, made of precious stones called Fangstones. Fangstone can amplify demonic power and has the hardness of diamonds.
  • Dunamis Catena (デュナミスカテナ De~yunamisu Katena) - Unlike the Catena on Kiva's armor, the Catena on Saga does not bind and support Saga's abilities. Instead, they expand and contract to increase the motor skills of Saga.
  • BaroQueing Elbow Armor (バロッキングエルボーアーマー Barokkingu Erubō Āmā) - The Fangstone elbow armor protects the elbow and amplifies strength.
  • BaroQueing Brace (バロッキングブレス Barokkingu Buresu) - The bracelet made of Fangstone. Despite not having a Demon Emperor Stone, it can still draw the same ability with the Fangstone.
  • BaroQueing Knee Armor (バロッキングニーアーマー Barokkingu Nī Āmā) - The kneepads made of Fangstone to increase leg strength.
  • BaroQueing Anklet (バロッキングアンクレット Barokkingu Ankuretto) - The power amplifiers attached on the ankles made of Fangstone. The kicking and jumping power is increased 10 times even they don't have a Demon Emperor Stone.

Kamen Rider Saga's ending theme is entitled "Roots of the King".

Appearances: Kiva Episode 32-43, 46-47


  • Sagarc Belt - Transformation belt
  • Jacorder - Personal weapon
  • Fuestles - Whistle-like devices that activate a function, depending on the Fuestle

Rider Cards

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